Friday, July 19, 2024

Next Show : Sport (FR), Backwards Charm (Vienna - Salzburg), Ghost Ambulance (Burgenland - Vienna) @ Rhiz

23.07.2024 MNIJ & HC4L bring you
emo punk legends, back on top
emo/dreampop gang from Salzburg&Vienna
1st show, new emo straight outta Burgenland
Poster by Volodea Biri

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Next Show : Brain Tourniquet (US), Deliriant Nerve (US), Sicaria (Vienna) @ Chelsea

19.07.2024 Hardcore For The Losers show :
Premiere in Europe and Vienna. BT, almighty powerviolence trio, with members of USHC bands that visited Venster99 couple of times, like : RED DEATH, PROTESTER, LINE OF SIGHT to name a few.
For fans of MAN IS THE BASTARD or CROSSED OUT. They are coming with a new LP released on Iron Lung Records.
DELIRIANT NERVE (Washington D.C. , US)
'' Born from the ashes of the equally furious Needle comes a new unstoppable force in Deliriant Nerve! The D.C. trio bring the same amount of intensity of their previous band but with an added death metal precision, creating one of the hardest-hitting albums I've heard in a while. In the same vein as P.L.F. and Human Obliteration.''
SICARIA (Vienna)
Sicaria will be the opener, Powerviolence. First show.

Friday, July 12, 2024

Next Show : Dead Last (US) , Echo Chamber (DE), Pressure Drop (Vienna) @ Rhiz

16.07.2024 Hardcore For The Losers delivers HARDCORE :
The new band from John Scanlon (The Fight, Triple-B Records) coming to Europe for the first time. Hell yes. 80´s NYHC and early '00s Boston hardcore style. Their debut 7" Where Do We Go From Here? is released on Streets Of Hate (New York based label and fanzine) and recorded with Tone from Sheer Terror/Kill Your Idols/Sick of Talk, so you know what's up.
FFO : Breakdown, Straight Ahead, Underdog, Supertouch, Mental, Stop and Think.
One of the most active German hardcore bands, coming with their fresh 7" on DBNO Records and Scheme Records.
Premiere in Vienna. USHC meets EUHC.
FFO : Sheer Terror, early SOIA.
In a similar style as the other 2 bands and another premiere. Members of : Pistole Peng, Denim, Cannibal System, Fortress, Malaise, Eyes Of Tomorrow and Elektrowatschn.
all ages show

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Next Show : BIB (US) , Monokay (Vienna), Forlorn (Vienna) @ Chelsea

11.07.2024 Hardcore For The Losers show:
BIB (Omaha, Nebraska)
Like the inhabitants of most mid-sized midwestern cities, the people of Omaha are often characterised as being hardworking, fresh and wholesome. Good folk. But there’s nothing wholesome about Bib, a hardcore band who many Omaha locals feel should remain in the basement of that sketchy punk house down the street.
This is noisey, blown out hardcore that some have compared to Hoax and Pissed Jeans. It ain't pretty and it ain't nice.
After the sold-out show at Venster99 last year, they are coming with fresh new LP Biblical released by Quality Control.
MONOKAY (Vienna)
Mosh the Drug, dive the Church hardcore from Vienna. A new force from Vienna. Windmill guaranteed.
FORLORN (Vienna)
Metal and hardcore as an experiment of a dangerous laboratory that wants to destroy the last forces of goodness on earth. Badass people from Vienna.
All ages show
No Presale but Stagedives

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Next Show : Conservative Military Image (US), Time X Heist (US), Alive Inside (Vienna) @ Flucc

02.07.2024 Hardcore For The Losers show :
CONSERVATIVE MILITARY IMAGE (USHC from Chicago/Boston on Battle Scarred Records Lionheart Records)
TIME X HEIST (Straight Edge Hardcore from Denver, Colorado on Crimewave Records)
ALIVE INSIDE (Hardcore from VIenna on Youth Authority Records)

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Next Show : Judy And The Jerks (US), Shitty Life (IT), Spiritual Law (Linz) @ Rhiz

Hardcore For The Losers with some spicy summer HC vibes.
Save the date, June19, 2024 @ Rhiz
JUDY AND THE JERKS (Mississipi, US - Thrilling Living Records, Refuse Records)
Furious bratty hardcore for true punks.
Fun, energetic punk fucking rock that brings to mind BLATZ and MR. CLIT AND THE PINK CIGARETTES @maxrnr
They write catchy songs that have the skinny sonics of both new wave and 80s hardcore
This band has been given the tagline of “food fight music,” but they have always been more than that one-line description of chaos. Judy and the Jerks are a reminder that punk does not need to be tough or built on upping someone else @post_trash_
SHITTY LIFE (Parma, Italy - 11 PM Records)
"Full of energy, histrionic high-pitched guitars, and consonant screaming vocals very much singing along with the band’s overall rhythm. Reverb and tone changes are on-point, with a good non-stop drumming. Tune your chitarrino for this one." @maxrnr
SPRITUAL LAW (Linz - STTW Records)
Midtempo mosh, d-beat and definitely hardcore for the punxxx. Delivering rage from Germany/Austria.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Next Show : Obstruktion (SWE), Tired. (Graz) @ Loop

05.06.2024 Hardcore For The Losers show : 
Gothenburg, the capital of Swedish hardcore, brings results again. Old friends, who visited us in Vienna with bands such as Anchor, Waste, Gust, Disavow and The Hammer. This time they bring along metallic hardcore reminiscent of bands like Harms Way, Earth Crisis and Obituary. Their 12` LP was released by Berlin's Isolation Records.
It's their first time in Vienna, so it's time to mosh.

Worn down by the pressures of modern society and navigating the complexities of human values, TIRED. was forged in 2023. Comprising musicians with roots ranging from black metal to stoner rock, our debut album, "The Cost Of Holding On," is out now via Grazil Records.