Sunday, June 18, 2017

Next Show : Eaglehaslanded (RU), Pадост-Cтрадање (SRB), Drux (DE), Axe Rash (SWE) @ Venster99

Warm up for the legendary festival. As every year, a couple of different types of punk bands that pass through Vienna. Same story, political, without nazi and macho shit.

AxeRash (StockholmXUppsala) punx

Drux (Leipzig) stomp

Eaglehaslanded (Санкт Петербург) emoviolence

радост-страдање (Belgrade) freshviolence

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017

HC4L013 Stillborn - "Plague/Resistance" EP 7" (2017)

Vienna based political hardcore band have recorded 4 songs for a new EP called „Plague/Resistance“, which will be released on 7inch vinyl via Hardcore For The Losers, Mosh Potatoes & band. Here´s the cover artwork, done by their talented bassplayer Martin Krammer "We are a PLAGUE to this system, we are RESISTANCE!"

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Next Show : Krank (DE), WOCD (Vienna), Death Row Groupies (Vienna) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show :

Krank (Hamburg)
The second time in a year (and 2 months), they´re coming with a new LP "Die Verdammte" released on This Charming Man-Records. Last time it was chaos, this time will be even greater.

WOCD (Rosa Lila Villa)
Nervous before the show, angry on tradition and patriarchy, will knock you a dose of feminism directly in your head.

Death Row Groupies (Vienna Crime City)
After last year's madness, it is logical that they come again and represent two new songs for easy listening during conjugal visits or heartfelt beatings. Recorded by the original fright man, GXL at XXX tape sessions.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Next Show : Rosa Parks (CZ), Apolita (CZ), Susi Molotow (Vienna), Beauty Lies (Vienna) @ Einbaumöbel

Hardcore For The Losers show :

ROSA PARKS (Anarcho Punk, Czech Republic)
Strictly DIY, against all kind of prejudice and oppression. Equality – Freedom – Love – Peace – Anarchy. They´re coming with a new Split 7" w/Gattaca released on Hardcore For The Losers & Co.
"The traditional role of woman, the mother – estate of man and society, objects of desire, prestige toys and the mothers of another generation. But what they really want? Nobody asks, the traditions rules. But what they really want? Ask no questions – it just generates the anger. Submisive objects of society – processed by daily experience. But I want to be more than just an illusion – not only the second one that walks in the shade. Given hand – a sign of the partnership not just as another tool of oppression, because they think that i´m so weak"

APOLITA (Hardcore Punk, Czech Republic)
DIY punk against racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of oppression.
"Do not be intimidated by xenophobic majority. do not let you to be imposed into minor role, only you know who you are - who you were - who you want to be. You've never been the one they wanted you to be, do not be afraid to express, leave footprints behind, do not let to be silenced, it's still you until you wont obey, you are staying human. Do not give up and show that you're here"

+ support from Vienna

Beauty Lies - slow, silent, soft, acoustic, dark folk

Susi Molotow - riot grrrl

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

HC4L009 The seeker - "Malaya" LP 12" (2017)

Furious, raging, mad, ferocious, rabid, angry, enraged hardcore/punk from Milano, Italy. You can check a new track off the upcoming 12'' record called "Malaya".

Co-released w/

Delusion Of Terror Records
ZAS Autoproduzioni Records
Dead Punx Society
Rumori in Cantina Records
Saitani Konsertii
Professional Punkers
Punti Scena Records
El Bastardo Booking & DIY Label
RICE UP Records

Friday, April 7, 2017

HC4L017 Left To Starve / Eaglehaslanded Split 12" (2017)

Left to Starve / Eaglehaslanded Split EP 12" (2017)
Most active diy bands from Croatia and Serbia at this moment.. Splendid mix of sludgy blackened hardcore and 90´s emoviolence. Surely Record for your collection.

200 copies on black vinyl / 
screen printed covers and riso print on booklets.

Released by : 
Dingleberry records and distribution, Mosh Potatoes, Mad Schnauzer , Hardcore For The Losers Summercide Records

First track from EGHLND is a Phoenix Bodies cover. More tracks and announcements to come!
Cover and layout by Volodea Biri