Wednesday, June 1, 2016

HC4L001 : Hexis - MMXIV. A. D. XII. KAL. DEC. flexi disc

First release on Hardcore For The Losers. That honor belong to Hexis a rowdy and destructive DIY hardcore chaos from Copenhagen, Denmark. These guys playing a super heavy style of distorted, beefed up black metal / grindcore infused hardcore punk. Powerful blasts of furious guitar riffs, thundering drums and doomy bass all topped off with girthy growls and screams. I stole some of these epithets from LastFm to be honest.

Two songs of Abalam and one off the Split with this Gift Is a Curse recorded live in Japan on a two sided white flexi disc with a sticker on the sleeve. Weight : 0,25 grams.

Co-released with friendly labels :

Wargame-Records (Denmark)
time as a color (Germany)
The Path Less Traveled Records (USA)
Désordre Ordonné (Canada)

Price : IIIIII (€)
Order :

Hardcore For The Losers Show :

Hexis will play in Vienna on 6th December @ Venster99 w/ Grieved (SWE), Avalanche (AUT), Pettersson (AUT)

FB Event :

Hexis links:

Facebook :
Bandcamp :
Live @ Fluff Fest 2015 :

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