Saturday, July 16, 2016

HC4L004 : Hauna - "Dunkelkrach" EP tape

Hauna is a Band of Two Guys from Vienna. Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Effects, Samples - That's it. Experimental Music some People would say, but the main thing is some Mix of noisy black metal, screamoviolence, darkened/sludgy hardcore and also some influences from post punk stuff - just listen to the first track here: ... After some Shows "Dunkelkrach" was recorded with the friendly Help of their Rehearsalroomfriends Kometa in February and March 2016 and is the first Release and will be avaible on hand numbered Tapes on July 19th and for pay as you wish download on Bandcamp. 4 Songs, Blasts, Screams, Noise, Atmsophere, Passion. Get lost in Hauna.

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