Thursday, March 23, 2017

HC4L016 Vivresavie / La Petite Mort/Little Death / Young Mountain Split 12" (2017)


Young Mountain
A1. Pilträdsvillan
A2. Bloom

Vivre Sa Vie
B1. Ehler-Danlos
B2. Shield

La Petite Mort/Little Death
B3. Intro
B4. Windchime
B5. This name Rings A Bell

YOUNG MOUNTAIN bring in 2 new tracks to this compilation, both of them dealing with issues that define them, veganism and politics.

The band commented:

”We wanted to create something alive, something natural. We decided to just meet up in our rehearsal for a few days and just jam together and soon enough we had taken a new shape. During the last year we have suffered a lot as a band and individuals which have formed a new sort of musical entity in us. In the same wave of events two of our members departed and two came to join us, Jakob (drums) and John (bass).

Both of them have been close friends of ours for years before, so their entry in the band came smooth.

As with everything, the hardships and the exchange of members we have gone through a new angle of musicianship. The two songs that we will release are a taste of what’s to come, a trace back to our roots as much as they lead the way to our future sound and the coming full length record. We, with these songs, present to you a current motion of ever-changing pace, a feeling of ambivalence along with some sense of direction.” By

Released by skramz mafia : Miss The Stars Records, Voice Of The Unheard records, Pundonor Records, Hardcore For The Losers and zilpzalp records.

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