Monday, May 1, 2017

Next Show : Rosa Parks (CZ), Apolita (CZ), Susi Molotow (Vienna), Beauty Lies (Vienna) @ Einbaumöbel

Hardcore For The Losers show :

ROSA PARKS (Anarcho Punk, Czech Republic)
Strictly DIY, against all kind of prejudice and oppression. Equality – Freedom – Love – Peace – Anarchy. They´re coming with a new Split 7" w/Gattaca released on Hardcore For The Losers & Co.
"The traditional role of woman, the mother – estate of man and society, objects of desire, prestige toys and the mothers of another generation. But what they really want? Nobody asks, the traditions rules. But what they really want? Ask no questions – it just generates the anger. Submisive objects of society – processed by daily experience. But I want to be more than just an illusion – not only the second one that walks in the shade. Given hand – a sign of the partnership not just as another tool of oppression, because they think that i´m so weak"

APOLITA (Hardcore Punk, Czech Republic)
DIY punk against racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of oppression.
"Do not be intimidated by xenophobic majority. do not let you to be imposed into minor role, only you know who you are - who you were - who you want to be. You've never been the one they wanted you to be, do not be afraid to express, leave footprints behind, do not let to be silenced, it's still you until you wont obey, you are staying human. Do not give up and show that you're here"

+ support from Vienna

Beauty Lies - slow, silent, soft, acoustic, dark folk

Susi Molotow - riot grrrl

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