Saturday, August 26, 2017

HC4L025 duct hearts / Tdoafs - Split 6" (2017) started streaming the upcoming Tdoafs / duct hearts split 6", check it out here:…/
Originally planned as a 5″ but upsized for sound quality reasons canadian TDOAFS and german DUCT HEARTS team up with ZILPZALP RECORDS (D), TIME AS A COLOR (D), DASEIN RECORDS (DEN), CIVIC DUTY (AUS), DON‘T LIVE LIKE ME RECORDS (US), DINGLEBERRY RECORDS (D), À FOND D’CALE (F), HARDCORE FOR THE LOSERS (A) and ADORNO RECORDS (UK) to release their split single on classy custom sized 6″ vinyl. Both bands contribute one song exclusively written for this record, while TDOAFS have a harsh and short as usual (few of their songs reach the 3 minute mark) screamo burst at its best, DUCT HEARTS, who usually have their songs take a bit more time to breathe, unfold, sometimes even up to 8 minutes, show they can get to the point quickly if neccessary. Recorded in the same session as their recently released debut LP ‘feathers’ and not unlike that record you get cleans, rock, reverb, delay, double-bass and a fully orchestrated wall-of-sound. simply stripped down to a mere 2:30.
Time As A Color‘s founder Daniel Becker commented:
I think I first heard about tdoafs on their split 8″ with beau navire, carrion spring and te lloraria un puto rio released by bear records in 2009, back then they still used their full name, thediscordofaforgottensketch. bear is sadly now defunct but I traded records with rob a lot back in the days and he always put out amazing releases. I think that 8″ was also the very first odd-sized record I had in my distro, and it kind of impressed me. you know I always try to release something a little different than other people, like an elaborate screenprinting or packaging, something that stands out from other releases. I think that’s why odd sized records are somewhat appealing to me. I was lucky to release a bunch of releases together with shawn of middle man records and coma regalia, and of course shawn’s approach to make his releases outstanding as well as the odd sized splits he released (for example the split 5″ with foxmoulder or the 6″ with gillian carter we did together) kind of fed my fire to release an odd sized record myself. we initially planned the record to be a 5″ and that’s the format our song was written for, but the clean guitar outro kind of ended up being a lot longer than planned so we sized up for sound quality reasons. I think we had one or two other possible split mates on our mind for this record and at first I didn’t even think of asking tdoafs because they hadn’t been very actively releasing something in europe just until they did their 4-song 7″ 2 years ago, but then I knew they would be the perfect split mate for a short and dirty punk-style 5/6″ record and luckily they immediately agreed on doing the split. I just realised now that after they’ve been my first contact with an odd sized record the fact that we are now finally doing a 6″ especially with tdoafs kind of closes the circle which is a really cool thing.
Catch DUCT HEARTS live at their upcoming September tour with Italian instrumental post hardcore / post metal band ISTMO.
Vienna Show : ISTMO, duct hearts, Can i Say, Loather - Venster99

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