Friday, June 1, 2018

HC4L045 Nevasca - Collecting Dust LP 12" (2018)

"The record is called "Collecting Dust" and it is full of bittersweet melodies and emotions!
Emo in its purest form and still a sureshot for everyone who likes the good old sounds of Mineral, Christie Front Drive (official) or Time Spent Driving. But with this full length release they show even more various influences: Some faster Songs, that got a rougher Emo-Punk edge, where Bands like Basement or older Title Fight come to mind! And in their greatest moments they even add a shoegaze/dreampop feeling to their epic Emo-Sound! Heartbreaking!" by lifeisafunnything

"If there's a small part in your heart for 90s emo/indie like Mineral, Braid or Christie Front Drive then you really shouldn't miss "Collecting Dust" - haven't heard anything so perfect to revive the old times of emo."

Pressing Infos:
150 opaque yellow vinyl
150 clear lilac with black swirl vinyl (this)

Drums by Vladimir Lyashenko at Galernaya 20, Saint-Petersburg
Guitars by Edward Biryukov at Cerber House Studio, Murmansk
Bass by Aleksandr Demyanov at Personal Data, Murmansk
Vocals partly by Aleksandr Chezhin at Leo Sound, Murmansk &
by Aleksandr Demyanov at Zapolar Sun, Murmansk

Mixed by Steve Roche (Permanent Hearing Damage)

Mastered by Will Killingsworth (Dead Air Studios

Artwork by Ksenia Romanchuk

co - released w/

Friend of Mine Records
Dingleberry records and distribution
Longrail Records
Not So Happy Records & Booking
Personal Data Records
Chuchi Records
Dasein Records

Tape version by:

Emocat Records
damn fine tapes

Pay as you wish!

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