Friday, July 20, 2018

HC4L029 Bastos - Second Favourite Person LP 12" (2018)

"Romania’s saddest boys Bastos are back! This time with a full-length and no longer solely instrumental. Second Favourite Person has been out just for a few days but we already cried a few times over it. Not just because we’re doing a show for them in Sofia, but because we loved their previous record. Not sure how we feel about the band having lyrics now, but we probably like it as well. Vocals are emo to the bone, slightly put back in the mix so they’re definitely bringing a new intensity to the sound and helping Bastos keep their listeners challenged and excited (and sad).
Some of the lyrics are in Romanian, others are in English, but they’re short and sincere and we doubt you’ll have hard times understanding them. Second Favourite Person is a crazy, friendly and yet very emotional ride. I kind of like their new approach to production. While their debut split 7″ was clean and spacey, this one is raw, lively and edgy. Probably it was recorded live, who knows. Only thing we know the band did it by themselves and we love that. DIY and sad forever. Give it a spin, grab it for however you can. Make them sad boys happy." by Angel Simitchiev (DIY Conspiracy)

edited and mixed by Alin Cincă
mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios

Lungu Catalin - guitar
Laurenţiu Coţac - bass
Alin Cincă - guitar
Volodea Birii - drums

artwork by Karolina Pietrzyk

Released on vinyl through:
Not So Happy Records & Booking
Zilpzalp Records
Hardcore For The Losers
Summercide Records
Dischi Decenti
Culture Famine

Limited to 273 copies, with screenprinted covers and risograph printed A5 zine insert.

Pay as you wish!

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