Thursday, October 4, 2018

HC4L052 Swoon - Hollow Idol EP tape

"young five piece hardcore punk band from Göttingen, Germany. After their impressive debut EP release in 2016, the band is back with their upcoming follow up four track EP entitled, 'Hollow Idol' which will be out on the 12th of October.

The EP was recorded and mixed by Dominik Dewitz (Farson, Girlfriend) of Distorted / Liquified and later mastered by Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere, No Faith) of Dead Air Studios. 'Hollow Idol' will also see a two colour tape variant release via Hardcore For The Losers, a DIY label from Austria.

I'm proud to premiere the debut single and opening track on the new EP entitled, 'Monochrome'. Clocking in at just under two minutes, the track kicks off with pummeling double bass and mid paced rock 'n roll infused riffage. The band then veers into melodic hardcore territory with passionate screams, punchy drums and a building driving guitar section. This all eventually climaxes and closes the track out with one final blow. Swoon show excellent usage of dynamic song writing here and this is the perfect introductory statement of things to come on 'Hollow Idol'.

Enjoy the track and be sure to share it around with all of your friends." by Tarquin

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