Saturday, November 24, 2018

The Future is Female III @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show

the last 2 times was quite successful and unleashed, why not repeat it all with some other acts.

29.11.18 Thursday Ⓐ The Future is Female Warm Up Ⓐ w/

Anti Fascist Ballet School Hierarchy, control over one’s body, synchronisation – these associations belong to the world of ballet and the military. In the Anti-Fascist Ballet School, these categories will be exorcised, rather than reproduced. The Anti-Fascist Ballet School takes ballet as a starting point to reveal roles in the preservation of ideologies and power relations of the present.

Therese Terror is a Vienna based DJ, musician, promoter and Geschäftsmann.

Bosna is the solo project of Pete Prison IV, guitarist/vocalist from the Viennese Postrock band MEKONGG.

LEVIE all female cold pop

Fridgebitch and the Drain Society FIrst Show!

Deva Kaos is solo artist, based in VIenna. Vocals, piano, computer and spoken word. Build your own opinion. First Show!

after w/

Mariah Doesn't Carey & M.M.O

Deva Kaos plays pussy punkrock, put on your dancing boots, girlz!


30.11.18 Friday Ⓐ The Future is Female Ⓐ w/

Eine neue Band aus dem Raum Linz, die schon zu Beginn zeigt, dass sie den großen RiotGrrrls a la Bikinki Kill um nichts

Post Period
Is it Post Punk, Surf Rock, Pop? It’s just Post Period. Three multifarious girls lift up their voices, tickle the strings and smash the drums.
Chaotic, autentic and not characterizable is the device.

LOT Lisali from Røst w/ satirical and political project
lot is a multiinstrumental artist based in vienna. always open for new styles and projects with different people and instruments.

SEAFRUIT Magda from Mermaid & Seafruit w/ rave/techno/hrdstl set.

after w/

Ana Threat (set of special surprises)

SAD GRLZ plays music for RIOT girls and boys
Emma & Sabrina

Flyer : Tobias

vegan food w/ The Sad Saus "Homemade vegan sausages by Vienna's most charming Würstelstand The Sad Saus! All the collected money will be used for a medical treatment by Kollektiv C.R.E.M.E."

DAFUQ - Donnerstag, Anarchistisch, Feministisch und Queer

+ zines, infostands

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