Sunday, April 21, 2019

Next Show : Venster99 Soli Fest

Venster99 Soli + Hardcore For The Losers show :

Smrt Razuma - Hardcore Punk from Osijek

Disbaja - d-beat from Zagreb

Fuck Sorry! Hardcore Punk from Vienna, First Show
(members of Kurwa Aparata, Republic of Waste, Absorber)

Grimms Eye (Hardcore from Vienna)

Only 5 Dollars (Hardcore/Punk from Vienna)

Greta Sabo (DJane)

Mischkonsum (DJane)

+ discussion with Maja. She is operating a queer_feminist tour service called “Queers to the front Booking” that exclusively works with queer/female* artists. Recently, she started giving talks on her  experiences as a trans*woman within the DIY music scene and the wider music industry industry both as an artist and as a booking agent/tour manager.

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