Wednesday, October 2, 2019

HC4L057 Mental Distress - Pas beaucoup d´avenir LP 12" (2019)

Mental Distress from Strasbourg, f.rance started in 2013 and their goal has always been to write political songs against all types of discriminations, while keeping the fun side of hardcore punk. Quite soon they recorded their first demo tape, started playing everywhere and be active on the DIY scene as much as possible. After recording a 7” split with their friends from Ed Warner (HC4L042 Ed Warner - Ruins of Nations LP 12") in mid-2016 and releasing their self-titled EP in early 2017, the band had experienced an important change as their singer came out as a TRANS MAN. The band took the whole 2018 to focus on writing for their debut LP and after months and months of preparations here we are, giving you the first taste of the whole thing, 17 tracks of fast punk clocking just 23 minutes! Check it out, along with our special feature, and grab it on its official release date on October 4th!

The vinyl version of the record is being released on 500 orange translucent vinyls through a number of DIY labels: Bright Future – Greece, Crapoulet Records, le label des mecs cools – Marseille, South of France, Dead Punx Records – Belgium, Dirty Guys Rock – Tours, France, DON'T TRUST THE HYPE recordz – Lille, North of France, Hardcore For The Losers – Vienna, Austria, Itawak Records – Strasbourg, East of France, KLVR Records – Dunkerque, North of France, Et mon cul c'est du tofu ?– Britain, West of France, No Way Asso – Nevers, Center of France, and PASIDARYK PATS records – Vilnius, Lituania!

This LP was recorded and mixed by Ted Moody in Strasbourg (f.rance) between March and May 2019, mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden East (Oakland, USA) in June 2019.
Artwork by Agathe Senn

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