Thursday, November 7, 2019

Next Show : Make Punk a Threat Again Festival 3 @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers // Make Punk a Threat Again Festival 3 //

another little fest without any plan and attempt to be traditional

Friday 22.11.19

Disgusting News (Punk, Bielefeld)

Gattaca Punk (Vegan Punk, Prague)

Contra (Hardcore, Budapest)

Tigerwizard (Hardcore, VIenna)

Stalker - Music (Punk D-beat, Tulln) 

Enuff Talk (Thrash Hardcore, Vienna)


Saturday 23.11.19

RULES (Hardcore-Punk, Zagreb)

VOLE (Punk, Prague)

THE TRUTH (Straight Edge, Kraljevo-Zagreb)

Indikator B (Punk, Zagreb)

Death Row Groupies (Punk, Vienna)

The Obsessions (Punk, Vienna)

no presale, no dogs, no means no

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