Friday, October 21, 2016

HC4L006 Pettersson - "Rift and Seam" LP 12"

Pettersson - "Rift and Seam" LP 12" (2016)

Europe has always produced the finest emotional hardcore that the scene has ever had. Hailing from Vienna, Pettersson are carrying on that tradition with their powerful new album, ‘Rift and Seam’. It channels the raw catharsis of many pioneering bands, and is one of the most intense albums to be released this year.

“We are Pettersson, and we make sad music,” is how the band describe themselves when asked. “This album is about the rifts that divide humankind, and the few seams trying to hold it together.“ by Punktastic

First pressing of 500

300 - Transparent
200 - Black

LP is co - released with these nice labels :

My Name Is Jonas(AT)
Miss The Stars Records(GER)
time as a color(GER)
Longrail Records(IT)
One Wild Collective(FR)
Samegrey Records(UKR)
Structures//Agony Records (USA)

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