Saturday, October 29, 2016

Next Show : Zetkin (AUT), Prosperity Denied (AUT) @ Pankahyttn

Hardcore For The Losers show :

Zetkin release show of their new record Vanguard EP released on PER KORO RECORDS
What to say about Zetkin and that you do not know already? Radical left band with great influence of metal and crust. Raw, sharp riffs and angry vocals with intelligent and "in your face" lyrics + theatrical undercover appearance.

Fascist pigs patrol the streets - We´ll take em out
Managers trading death - We´ll take em out
Death camp guards holding court - We´ll take em out
Racist thugs in uniform - We´ll take em out


Work for the rich, breaking your back
Enough is enough, time to strike back
Rise from the trenches!
Step out of line!
Working class war!

They are coming with a new EP Vanguard with 4 songs and you can get your copy at the show.
Show will start around 7pm (19:00) and finish till 10:00 pm (22:00) , later is after party with a pleasant chat.


Three-Piece orchestra of psychedelic blast-beat annhilation, combined to a thought-provoking, mind exploring d-beat odyssey. Raw in it´s essence.

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