Monday, May 14, 2018

HC4L035 ØJNE- Prima Che Tutto Bruci LP 12" (2018)

Melodic skramz in the style of their Italian forefathers, Raein and La Quiete This may be a controversial take, but I would say this is actually better than their widely adored predecessors. It's a pretty specific brand of screamo, putting wistful guitar work at the front, building tension with the drums and bass, and an absolute outpouring of passionate vocals. Where Øjne set themselves apart is making heavy use of the ebb and flow early post-hardcore and the shimmering beauty of crescendocore.

The vocalist is also a major highlight. There's something about his enunciation and the way he urges a climax upwards that violently yanks your heartstrings, and hands shaking, it takes all my self restraint to not scream along while in public. Spending some time with lyric translations is well worth it, as catharsis through resonance is the whole idea.Sull'altro lato del fiume is basically a perfect song. by : Menschenfeindlich

Recorded by Stefano Garotta at Soundcheck Studio in Milan, Italy.
Mixed by Mike Moschetto in Boston, Massachusetts.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE in Portland, Oregon.

Co-Released w/

Miss The Stars Records
Ancient Injury Records
Through Love Rec
Voice Of The Unheard records
La Agonía de Vivir
Unlock Yourself Records
Dreamingorilla Rec
Not So Happy Records & Booking
Adorno Records
Désordre Ordonné
Dasein Records
Summercide Records

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