Thursday, May 10, 2018

HC4L039 selvə​ - Doma LP 12" (2018)

If possible even more intimate and introspective than the previous two albums, DOMA starts with an oneiric suspended intro, to then flow into a distorted and strident wall of sound, scream vocals and blind fury. Crooked melodies, yet extremely direct at the same time. On typically black-metal drums, saturated to the point of no return, guitar and bass build melodies with a more post-hardcore, at times blackgaze, flavour. There is a perfect balance between darkness and light: you are blinded by both, and you can only see through the twilight moments. Compared to the previous eléo, however, you got the feeling of a shift towards shadow - even if the ending of the second song (joy) seems to lead to a new brightening up, to a pause of serenity. In DOMA compositions expand with regard to duration, but they dry out with regard to form and arrangements. There is a tendency towards an essentiality full of emotionality. By subtraction, it is increased the expressive strength of a band which - already through the previous works (and concerts) - made this characteristic one of its distinguishing features, as well as one of its strengths. Arrived at the third stop-over of their journey, ['selvǝ] seem to have a clear idea of the path they are following, and their compass seems to direct them more and more towards their destination. by

by Open Mind / Saturated Brain​ : 

White vinyl (This) Limited edition of 50 (hand-numbered sticker on the back)
Black vinyl Unknown amount

Comes with an insert.

Distributed by Goodfellas.
Press @ True Bypass.

Artwork, Layout – Matteo Cavalleri
Mastered By – Jack Shirley
Mixed By, Recorded By – Fabio Intraina
Performer – Alessandro Andriolo, Andrea Pezzi*, Tommaso Rey

Co - released w :

Hardcore For The Losers​
Shove Records​
General Soreness​‎
À Fond d'Cale Prod​‎
Cave Canem D.I.Y.​

Pay as you wish! 

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