Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Next Show : Portrayal of Guilt (USA), Hauna (Vienna), Argon (Vienna) @ Venster99

13.05.18 Hardcore For The Losers show :

...for the first time in Europe : portrayal of guilt (Austin, Texas Punx X Sore Ear Collective, Miss The Stars Records, Contrition Recordings)

Portrayal of Guilt, a band that shares members with hardcore masterminds Illustrations. Today, Portrayal of Guilt are premiering their new self-titled 7", a collection of three songs that showcase their dexterity within the genre. Opener "Humanity Is Frail" is a good reflection of the anger and chaos seen in the likes of Pg. 99 and Encyclopedia of American Traitors.
Melody is introduced in unexpected, sometimes sinister ways. In "The One," a guitar lead gradually become more and more menacing as it whips toward the end of the song. The 7" ends with "Mourning Ahead," a moody, constantly building work that explodes at its midpoint, scratching, self-destructive vocals becoming heavier and heavier until a final crescendo, a satisfying end to a powerful punch of an EP.

+ golden support

HAUNA (Vienna, Graz X Hardcore For The Losers)

Argon (Vienna, Luxembourg)

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