Monday, October 31, 2016

HC4LZS Distro Update


Sport - Slow
Six Score -  Lebensräume
Pettersson -  Rift And Seam
Nine Eleven - Sentinels
Deer In The Headlights  – Mental Health
Viva Belgrado - Flores, Carne
Ruins - Within
Sangharsha / Blank - Intermundia Split
52 Hertz - Somnolence
Moro Moro Land - Through
Ruined Families - Blank Language
Wayste - No Innocence
Murderofcrows - Salt
Wild Animals - Basements: Music To Fight Hypocrisy
Gattaca - Gattaca
Remek // Lawine - Lawine & Remek - Split
Crowns&Thieves - The Half-Dream Hologram
Lamantide - Carnis Tempora: Abyssus
Zetkin - Vanguard
Plague Mass - Living Among Meat Eaters
Plague Mass - Union Of Egoists
Lorraine - Lima
Remedy  - Remedy
Fall Time. - Coma
Reason To Care - Evyn
Positive Impact - A Breath Of Freedom
Assesor – Invaze

10 "
1 Carousals - Unstable

Kapytaen, Wølfenstein
Divided Minds - Strangers
Lorraine - Gimbal Lock / Pitch/Roll/Yaw
Sheer Mag - Sheer Mag
The Atlantic Monthly / Dina - Split
Sink Or Swim / In One Piece - Split
Gone To Waste - The Ones Who Light The Fires
Bitter Verses / Make My Day - Guided / Chains
Primitive Life - Running WIld
Empty Handed - Perspectives

2 Reasonist
1 Murderofcrows
1 Gall - VVVnde
1 Franz Strosuk - S/T
1 Blätter - S/T
1 Left to starve - 2014
3 Hauna – Dunkelkrach
4 Discure – Vorwärtsscheitern
5 Varan - Lachen auf Zeit
2 Six score -  Lebensräume
1 Coldhands, Woes
1 Pepi Rössler - Demo

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Hardcore For The Losers Birthday Festival :

Small DIY festival, as every year at the beggining of November, bands and friends that I love. This year is more to emoviolence, screamo, post-rock but still punk. All bands will play shorter set, so try to support them all.

Eaglehaslanded (Санкт Петербург, Serbia)

Mališa Bahat (Croatia)

Shallov. (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Libido Wins (Budapest, Hungary)

Unable To Fully Embrace This Happiness (Celovec)

Seqvoia (Vienna)

Maira (Vienna)

Next Show : Zetkin (AUT), Prosperity Denied (AUT) @ Pankahyttn

Hardcore For The Losers show :

Zetkin release show of their new record Vanguard EP released on PER KORO RECORDS
What to say about Zetkin and that you do not know already? Radical left band with great influence of metal and crust. Raw, sharp riffs and angry vocals with intelligent and "in your face" lyrics + theatrical undercover appearance.

Fascist pigs patrol the streets - We´ll take em out
Managers trading death - We´ll take em out
Death camp guards holding court - We´ll take em out
Racist thugs in uniform - We´ll take em out


Work for the rich, breaking your back
Enough is enough, time to strike back
Rise from the trenches!
Step out of line!
Working class war!

They are coming with a new EP Vanguard with 4 songs and you can get your copy at the show.
Show will start around 7pm (19:00) and finish till 10:00 pm (22:00) , later is after party with a pleasant chat.


Three-Piece orchestra of psychedelic blast-beat annhilation, combined to a thought-provoking, mind exploring d-beat odyssey. Raw in it´s essence.

Donations / Freie spende

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Next Show : Nine Eleven (FRA), Geraniüm (FRA), Remek (CZ), Gattaca (CZ), indoctrinate (AUT) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers Release show : 

Nine Eleven release show with their new LP called “Sentinels”
released on Hardcore For The Losers and other friendly Labels.


Gattaca CZ




Aftershow dj line to celebrate birthday of Florin Koller with DJ StYROPOR aka ROSA NEBEL (synthwave, industrial, techno, hiphop tunes)

Friday, October 21, 2016

HC4L006 Pettersson - "Rift and Seam" LP 12"

Pettersson - "Rift and Seam" LP 12" (2016)

Europe has always produced the finest emotional hardcore that the scene has ever had. Hailing from Vienna, Pettersson are carrying on that tradition with their powerful new album, ‘Rift and Seam’. It channels the raw catharsis of many pioneering bands, and is one of the most intense albums to be released this year.

“We are Pettersson, and we make sad music,” is how the band describe themselves when asked. “This album is about the rifts that divide humankind, and the few seams trying to hold it together.“ by Punktastic

First pressing of 500

300 - Transparent
200 - Black

LP is co - released with these nice labels :

My Name Is Jonas(AT)
Miss The Stars Records(GER)
time as a color(GER)
Longrail Records(IT)
One Wild Collective(FR)
Samegrey Records(UKR)
Structures//Agony Records (USA)

link :