Tuesday, February 13, 2024

NEW LOCATION : Next Show : Sweat (US), Lurch (Vienna) @ Club1019

27.03.2024 March Madness with Hardcore For The Losers show :
SWEAT (Hardcore and Punk Psychedelic from Los Angeles, USA on Vitriol Records and Pirates Press.)
Graf Orlock, Dangers Members with " territorial influences that range from the Wipers to Cro-Mags, Masshysteri to Rival Mob, & Motörhead to Thin Lizzy, with a sprinkling of disco cadence."
With first time on Hardcore For The Losers shows :
LURCH from Vienna, all female heavy Psychedelic attack.
All ages show.

Thursday, February 8, 2024

NEW LOCATION : Next Show : Mutually Assured Destruction (US), Avalanche (Vienna) @ Rhiz

So, it is happening, a new era on the hardcore scene in Vienna. Venster99 closed the door, the so called "Red Vienna" has once again shown itself to be anything but red and that it only understands the language of capitalism.
Fortunately, we did not cancel the concert due to the wholehearted help of the Rhiz.
The entrance fee will be 15 euros, and if you are willing, add any extra it will be paid directly to Venster99, so that we can push through these difficult days and let them see that we are there, existing . And we are massive, and freaking angry. Everyone on Monday 12.02.24 @ Rhiz.
Hardcore For The Losers presents USHC on Triple - B Records ♤ MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION ♤
"The self-proclaimed "crossover doom" band — fronted by Ace Stallings, the ex-frontman of the straight-edge unit Break Away — are using hardcore's thrashier side as a foundation and building upon it with groove-metal riffage, Sabbathian chord progressions and Stallings' Southern-fried croon, which recalls singers like Corrosion of Conformity's Pepper Keenan, Life of Agony's Mina Caputo and Crowbar's Kirk Windstein."
+ Viennese finest heavyweight champions.
all ages show