Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Next Show : Mališa Bahat (Cro), Nailed In (Cro) @ Venster99

04.08.2018 @ Venster99

// english below //

* 1300 bis 1900 Uhr
* drinnen & draußen
* 15 Aussteller*in_nen
* Live Acts & Auflegerei

* Philip Spiegl
* Skofi
* Jess

* veganes Buffet
(gegen freie Spende für Mietkosten vom Kaleidoskop)
* Infotische/Workshops

Mit Hardcore 4 the Losers

* ab 2000 Uhr
* Mališa Bahat
* Nailed In
* Xindl
*trash trash trash

Wir sind gegen jegliche Diskriminierungen und deren ausführenden Personen

Keine Traditionen aber Sitten


* 1 pm till 7 pm
* in & outdoor
* fitteen seller
* live acts and djs

* Philip Spiegl
* Skofi
* Jess

* vegan buffet for free donation to pay rental costs of Kaleidoskop
* radical infotables/workshops

with Hardcore for the Losers

* from 8 pm
* Mališa Bahat
* Nailed In
* Xindl
*trash trash trash

we are against all forms of discrimination

no traditions but morals

Friday, July 20, 2018

HC4L029 Bastos - Second Favourite Person LP 12" (2018)

"Romania’s saddest boys Bastos are back! This time with a full-length and no longer solely instrumental. Second Favourite Person has been out just for a few days but we already cried a few times over it. Not just because we’re doing a show for them in Sofia, but because we loved their previous record. Not sure how we feel about the band having lyrics now, but we probably like it as well. Vocals are emo to the bone, slightly put back in the mix so they’re definitely bringing a new intensity to the sound and helping Bastos keep their listeners challenged and excited (and sad).
Some of the lyrics are in Romanian, others are in English, but they’re short and sincere and we doubt you’ll have hard times understanding them. Second Favourite Person is a crazy, friendly and yet very emotional ride. I kind of like their new approach to production. While their debut split 7″ was clean and spacey, this one is raw, lively and edgy. Probably it was recorded live, who knows. Only thing we know the band did it by themselves and we love that. DIY and sad forever. Give it a spin, grab it for however you can. Make them sad boys happy." by Angel Simitchiev (DIY Conspiracy)

edited and mixed by Alin Cincă
mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios

Lungu Catalin - guitar
Laurenţiu Coţac - bass
Alin Cincă - guitar
Volodea Birii - drums

artwork by Karolina Pietrzyk

Released on vinyl through:
Not So Happy Records & Booking
Zilpzalp Records
Hardcore For The Losers
Summercide Records
Dischi Decenti
Culture Famine

Limited to 273 copies, with screenprinted covers and risograph printed A5 zine insert.

Pay as you wish!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

HC4L030 Varicella Zoster / Unable To Fully Embrace This Happiness - Split tape (2018)

Austrian finest (and the only ones) emoviolence acts have delivered us a definitive Record of the year.
"Sounds like if Orchid and Tristan Tzara got together in a room and cried and shouted for 10 minutes straight. Unbelieably great, bought on the first listen." by Binky from Convulsions Grindcore

The split comes in the form of a nice metallic red tape and two booklets of both bands.

Recorded @ Actionberg, Graz

Pay as you wish! you should contact me here

HC4L028 Pasty Clan - Wir Ihr Sie LP 12" (2018)

"Austrian Metalpunk destroyers PASTY CLAN are back at it with their fifth release and first album in „Wir Ihr Sie“. Though the band may appear to (and do) have an attitude of fun with the presentation of the release (there is something of The Melvins in the self depreciation and tongue in cheek nods to the genre on the album cover) this is a ruse, these songs despite their simplicity of presentation are meticulous in the care that has been put into their construction.

The band ticks all the boxes on this release, fat d-beat riffs that sound like they are straight out of the British midlands in the late 70s, riffs that roll between chugging mosh starters to dance inflected (almost radio-freindly) proper punk! The vocals will keep you in no doubt of where the bands allegiences lie though, Zetto and Chris never relenting from an old school hoarse shout throghout the album.

Production-wise the balance is very clean and modern sounding, the balance is very tight between all the instruments and vocals, with nothing feeling overpowered or out of place, such a production might be inferred to give a punk band too clinical a sound but the inherent bounce and liveliness of the tracks pulls it right back to feeling just like being at a really well engineered gig.

This is proper joining in music, I feel like the best comparison I can think of would be something like Kvelertak but with the pretentious guitar noodling cut out and the rawness knocked up a notch, music you can drink a pint to and punch your mates, but in a way that you all remain freinds afterwards. Storming stuff!" by WOOAAARGH

Pasty Clan is:

Bene vocs
Tom drums
Kli bass/backing vocs
Hirm guit

released July 13, 2018

All music and lyrics written, arranged and performed by Pasty Clan (except songs 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 by PASTY CLAN and JOSEF INSPRUCKNER)

Recorded and mixed by Jürgen Neuhofer @ Bazoka Studios
Mastered by ROLAND WIEGNER @ Die Tonmeisterei

Bodypainting by Nicole Waitz
Photography by Thomas Schierer

co - released w/
Pandastic Records

Pay as you wish!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

HC4L024 HAUNA - Leave Me Behind EP tape (2018)


"2016 entstanden die ersten Momentaufnahmen namens „Dunkelkrach“ – eine EP aufgenommen im Proberaum mit der Hilfe von lieben Freunden. Gitarre, Effekte, Schlagzeug, Geschrei. Minimalistisch und auf die Fresse. Der Anspruch der Band war, als sie sich vor drei Jahren gegründet haben: Hauptsache Dunkel, hauptsache Krach. Möglichst laut, möglichst experimentell und ganz sicher nicht so klingen wie andere Bands.

2017 kamen Hauna dann, nachdem es immer schon irgendwie im Hinterkopf war, an einen Punkt, an dem für sie klar war, dass sie nicht mehr ohne Bass weitermachen wollen und können. Auch klar war allerdings, dass sie nicht eine weitere männliche Person in die Band holen wollen. Also haben sie aktiv nach einer Bassistin gesucht und im Sommer 2017 mit Julia auch gefunden.

Aus diesem neuen, bestärkten Gefühl haben wir den Kurs ein wenig gewechselt – die Musik, die wir seitdem geschrieben haben, ist ganz klar zugänglicher, strukturierter und trotzdem nicht weniger düster. Geschwärzter Post-Hardcore wäre vielleicht der passende Begriff.

Mit fünf Songs gingen Hauna ins S.T.R.E.S.S. Studio in Graz, gemeinsam mit Zock Astpai von ASTPAI und Petrol Girls einem Menschen, den sie, nach eigener Aussage, sowohl musikalisch als auch menschlich sehr schätzen. „Die Erfahrungen dort lässt sich schwer in Worte fassen. Es hat uns alle jedenfalls sehr weitergebracht und „Leave Me Behind“ ist genau das geworden, was Hauna im Moment auszeichnet und unsere neue Richtung wunderbar wiedergibt. Wir sind sehr stolz auf das Ergebnis und freuen uns, es mit euch teilen zu können.“, so die Band zu ihrem neuesten Werk." by

"The new effort was recorded with Zock from ASTPAI and PETROL GIRLS at S.T.R.E.S.S. Studio in Graz, Austria and explores different, less experimental, and definitely better produced, richer sounds and vibes than we’ve heard from the Austrian act. In their case, less exploratory means no less of an emotional minefield and it’s somewhat nice that without taking a step too far, they have managed to craft their most fully realized work so far. HAUNA have evolved into a trio and the following single is their first new offering with the new line-up. Listen and see their official word below.
Do we really want to be another three dudes on stage in a male-dominated scene? This is the question that we, Florin and Dmitrij at that time, were facing early last year. After having released an EP in 2016 and playing multiple shows in Austria, we realized that we lacked a bass in HAUNA. We had people we could have asked but decided against it, realizing that, sadly, most of the bassists we knew were men and we didn’t want to further push such a skewed gender ratio at hardcore shows.
Luckily enough, around that time we got to know Julia who has joined the band since then as HAUNA‘s bassist. This has been the best thing that could have possibly happened to HAUNA – playing together, writing music the three of us, sharing the experiences that we had has been an invaluable process and there couldn’t be any better person than Julia to do it with, regardless of gender.
Right away, the sound of the band took a bit of a turn and we started to write more ‘focused’ tracks while still trying to maintain a dark, harsh feel. DIE was the first song we wrote as a three-piece and it encapsulates how we’ve been working this past year and the way we’ve evolved. The song-writing process was inspiringly organic, everyone of us introduced their own ideas to the song, and in the end it turned out to be the perfect dynamic opener to our upcoming EP.
Here’s what Florin Koller has to say about the lyrical themes on the record:
DIE and pretty much all of the other songs on the record are about fears and anxities I’ve been struggling with during the last few years. This song especially means a lot to me because I wrote the lyrics during a hypochondriac phase in my life when I really thought I will die soon. This song helped me see things in a more rational way.
Every track describes a different dark period in life and when you read the lyrics and hear the songs you might easily get depressed. But it also has a very positive outcome: Playing these songs is our catharsis. Especially in the last song and title track you will hear and feel it: It’s sometimes good when someone or something is leaving you, because it means you can get better afterwards." by Karol Kamiński from

Physical release of the EP comes as a rose cassete with a small booklet, co - released via/ No Firecracker, Please and Iltis Booking

Pay as you wish!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

HC4L049 Bad Ascent - Upon The Norm EP tape (2018)

a very politically oriented new hardcore band from Vienna. IN DEFENSE OF ALL SENTIENT LIVES

Pay as you wish!

HC4L023 Coma Regalia - The Mirror LP 11" (2018)

"One month after the premiere of their amazing split with Drei Affen, Middle-Man Records has just launched the full stream of “The Mirror”, the fourth full length from COMA REGALIA, Indiana’s well-known screamo act featuring the label’s founder and active DIY punk supporter Shawn Decker.
With echoes of the band’s previous work and obvious late 90s / early 00s inspirations, COMA REGALIA captures the deepening of the genre’s sound over time. Some might say the production feels a little undercooked, but it’s certainly not something you can charge a real screamo act with. “The Mirror” is a stirring document and a cathartic, worthwhile stop along the Middle-Man and the entire emotional post hardcore catalogue."

All donations going toward the SOUL GLO bail fund.

500 copies on 11" vinyl with 8.5 x 11 booklet insert with silk screened cover. Download code included.

- 300 on black w/two-color silk screened wraparound covers (THIS)

- 200 on clear maroon vinyl w/three-color silk screened wraparound covers

co-released w/

Middle-Man Records
Zegema Beach Records
time as a color
Dingleberry records and distribution
Pundonor Records
Adorno Records

Pay as you wish!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Next Show : LØVVE (FRA) Verbal Razors (FRA) Rutka Laskier (CZE) Røst (Vienna) the weight of water (Vienna) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show:
Warm up for the legendary festival. As every year, a couple of different types of punk bands that pass through Vienna. Same story, political, without nazi and macho shit.

So only the bands confirmed at the festival :


Verbal Razors

Rutka Laskier


+ special guests

the weight of water