Tuesday, December 4, 2018

HC4L046 Argon - Rousenquarz EP tape

I'm happy that I released first EP tape of the Luxembourg punx based in Vienna.
Two sided, 17 minutes tape consisting of a big beat style intro track, followed by three raw post hardcore compositions. Side B continues with a dreamy spherical mid-break, before merging into Number 7, a rather emotional screamo track. For the outro you have to see for yourself, but be sure it´s different!

Fern Nando graphics,
Tonmeistereif Mastering

Ships out within 3 days
Edition of 100


Pay as you wish!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Next Show : STORM{O} (IT), Argon (Vienna), MAIRA (Vienna) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show :

STORM{O} Hardcore screamed in their native language, narrow mathematical passages and runaway emotional explosions give shape to an unconventional and somehow unique music.

Argon Hardcore Punk with screamo touch from Vienna. Release show of their tape released on Hardcore For The Losers : HC4L046 Argon - Rousenquarz EP tape

MAIRA Post-Rock/Blackgaze from Vienna

Saturday, November 24, 2018

The Future is Female III @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show

1) https://www.facebook.com/events/679510685570859
2) https://www.facebook.com/events/171141100300093
the last 2 times was quite successful and unleashed, why not repeat it all with some other acts.

29.11.18 Thursday Ⓐ The Future is Female Warm Up Ⓐ w/

Anti Fascist Ballet School Hierarchy, control over one’s body, synchronisation – these associations belong to the world of ballet and the military. In the Anti-Fascist Ballet School, these categories will be exorcised, rather than reproduced. The Anti-Fascist Ballet School takes ballet as a starting point to reveal roles in the preservation of ideologies and power relations of the present.

Therese Terror is a Vienna based DJ, musician, promoter and Geschäftsmann.

Bosna is the solo project of Pete Prison IV, guitarist/vocalist from the Viennese Postrock band MEKONGG.

LEVIE all female cold pop

Fridgebitch and the Drain Society FIrst Show!

Deva Kaos is solo artist, based in VIenna. Vocals, piano, computer and spoken word. Build your own opinion. First Show!

after w/

Mariah Doesn't Carey & M.M.O

Deva Kaos plays pussy punkrock, put on your dancing boots, girlz!


30.11.18 Friday Ⓐ The Future is Female Ⓐ w/

Eine neue Band aus dem Raum Linz, die schon zu Beginn zeigt, dass sie den großen RiotGrrrls a la Bikinki Kill um nichts

Post Period
Is it Post Punk, Surf Rock, Pop? It’s just Post Period. Three multifarious girls lift up their voices, tickle the strings and smash the drums.
Chaotic, autentic and not characterizable is the device.

LOT Lisali from Røst w/ satirical and political project
lot is a multiinstrumental artist based in vienna. always open for new styles and projects with different people and instruments.

SEAFRUIT Magda from Mermaid & Seafruit w/ rave/techno/hrdstl set.

after w/

Ana Threat (set of special surprises)

SAD GRLZ plays music for RIOT girls and boys
Emma & Sabrina

Flyer : Tobias

vegan food w/ The Sad Saus "Homemade vegan sausages by Vienna's most charming Würstelstand The Sad Saus! All the collected money will be used for a medical treatment by Kollektiv C.R.E.M.E."

DAFUQ - Donnerstag, Anarchistisch, Feministisch und Queer

+ zines, infostands

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Make Punk a Threat Again Festival 2 @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers // Make Punk a Threat Again Festival 2 //

another little fest without any plan and attempt to be traditional

Friday 23.11.18

Rivers Run Dry



Flowers in Concrete

Curb instead Krót

Saturday 24.11

AK 47


Nailed In

Dead City Radio

Los Flix´s (First Show)

no presale, no dogs, no means no

Friday, November 2, 2018

Next Show : Gutter Knife (UK), Never (UK), Sektstress! (Vienna), Abbruch (Vienna) @Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers warm up show : Make Punk a Threat Again Festival 2

In May we had the first attack of New wave of British Hardcore with Hex and Cheap Surgery from Leeds, this time the attack comes from Brighton.

Gutter Knife


Sektstress! (Juli Haberlik, Dino Spiluttini, Ana Threat, Vienna)

ABBRUCH (first show) - new mystical noisepunk band from Vienna

vegan food, records, soli cocktails

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Next Show : Les Mauvais Jours (FRA), The Sweet Janes (Innsbruck), ZINN (Vienna) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show :

Les Mauvais Jours (Punk, Strasbourg)
(members of The Boring, Another Five Minutes, More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters) just released their first LP on Hardcore For The Losers and it’s a surprisingly fresh listen that holds tons of nostalgic joy, warmth, and delight for a weary soul, without losing the power to be a one hell of a sundtrack for the next Summer! In substance, energy and freshness, this may be one of the best hearty indie record of the last couple of years.

The Sweet Janes (Feminist pop, Innsbruck)
They started making music as abolute beginners in the 90s with an all female-punk-project called "Atomcats" Now they are kind of "grownup" but still can't help dedicating their time into making music. They both play guitar and sing; in live shows their rhythm comes from a drum-foot-switch.

ZINN (All Female threat, Vienna)
how do you deal with all that sickness in yourself and out there?with melancholy, ZINN will answer in each of her songs.)

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Next Show : Regional Justice Center (USA), Harm Done (FRA) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers & 9 LIES show :

Regional Justice Center (Seattle, WA X STRAIGHT & ALERT, ADAGIO830)
"Leaning far more on the punk side of powerviolence, I hear elements of everything from Black Army Jacket, Crossed Out, Charles Bronson and Coke Bust. Somewhere in their practice space lies a thumbed-through Slap-A-Ham catalog. All of the trappings of classic powerviolence and frenzied hardcore are here in spades: grindcore runtimes, lighting fast hardcore interspersed with demonically heavy lurching passages and the requisite blown out bass tone. Blastbeats abound, but the record transcends when it slows into truly unsettling sludge"

"They play some kind of cold and no frills powerviolence filled with Infest’s speed, Sex Prisoner’s ignorant breakdowns and Entombed’s HM2 metallic guitar sound."

Friday, October 12, 2018

Next Show : Chaviré (FRA), Small Hours (Vienna), The Shaftons (Vienna) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show :

Chaviré from Nantes, probably one of the best and most active bands from the French speaking area in the last 10 years, with a strong diy, punk and political background & mssg.


Small Hours is a punk/hardcore three-piece from Vienna founded in spring 2013 after playing together in different groups for almost ten years. They draw inspiration from several 80’s diy-punk acts as well as contemporary genre-stretchers such as Self Defense Family, Comadre or Touché Amoré.
“reconstruction” is not only a metaphor for dealing with constant difficulties in life, (mental) health or politics, it's also a statement against racism, sexism, homophobia, sexual harassment, violence or any other forms of discrimination!

The Shaftons Viennese Against Me! recorded their first EP last year @ Zock from Astpai.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

HC4L052 Swoon - Hollow Idol EP tape

"young five piece hardcore punk band from Göttingen, Germany. After their impressive debut EP release in 2016, the band is back with their upcoming follow up four track EP entitled, 'Hollow Idol' which will be out on the 12th of October.

The EP was recorded and mixed by Dominik Dewitz (Farson, Girlfriend) of Distorted / Liquified and later mastered by Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere, No Faith) of Dead Air Studios. 'Hollow Idol' will also see a two colour tape variant release via Hardcore For The Losers, a DIY label from Austria.

I'm proud to premiere the debut single and opening track on the new EP entitled, 'Monochrome'. Clocking in at just under two minutes, the track kicks off with pummeling double bass and mid paced rock 'n roll infused riffage. The band then veers into melodic hardcore territory with passionate screams, punchy drums and a building driving guitar section. This all eventually climaxes and closes the track out with one final blow. Swoon show excellent usage of dynamic song writing here and this is the perfect introductory statement of things to come on 'Hollow Idol'.

Enjoy the track and be sure to share it around with all of your friends." by Tarquin

FFO: Glasses.| Up River| Code Orange Kids


Next Show : Prescriptiondeath (SWE), The Prim (GER) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers last minute show :

Prescriptiondeath (Powerviolence/ Hardcore Punk - Sweden)

The Prim (Fastcore/90´s Metalcore - Germany)

Monday, October 1, 2018

HC4L048 Young Mountain- Lost Tree LP 12" (2018)

For fans of: envy Official, Amia Venera Landscape, Eden, Maine, Devil Sold His Soul, Breach , Birds in row, Respire and Suis la lune

Review by Francis Maria Regalado

YOUNG MOUNTAIN are a Swedish hardcore and post-rock band that appear to have been active since at least 2013. In the releases leading up to their debut full-length, 'Lost Tree', we find traces of a band that’s relatively certain of how they want to sound. The perspective that frames their recorded work appears to fall squarely within the more melodic end of the European hardcore and screamo oeuvre, but with accents heavily gleaned from a more post-metal, post-rock, or post-black (arguably blackgaze) vocabulary. The band’s earlier work skews towards a slightly more metalcore direction, but only as far as bands like Eden Maine or Devil Sold His Soul tend to go. Their material on 2013’s 'För Alltid Var Bara Något Vi Sa', and 2014’s 'Fragile' bats particularly close to that style, maybe just a bit shy of something like Buried Inside’s 2001 record, 'Suspect Symmetry'. YOUNG MOUNTAIN’s subsequent records, 2014’s 'We’re Drowning in Slowmotion' and 2016’s 'The Garden of Biological Machines', seem to indicate a more internalized grasp of their sound. These records didn’t just sound better because of the change in production style—the elements they chose to incorporate into their songs at this point were considerably more concise, and dare I say, confident. The band appeared to shed their metalcore inclinations in favor of denser songwriting that occasionally mirrors Breach’s sense of gravity on 2001’s 'Kollapse', tempering that heaviness with the same melodicism they’ve always shown, with a bit of later Birds In Row thrown into the mix.

Anything but vacant: a track by track review.

Their debut full length, 2018’s 'Lost Tree' has proven to be a logical progression of the band’s stylistic vision—displaying focused songwriting, and a clearer sense of purpose. The record opens with "Asunder, To Eye Each Other", a massive introductory piece that begins with an ominous Breach- like quiet section. From there, the band kicks into a pummeling melodic breakdown from which the rest of the song ebbs and flows. The post-metal inclinations are made especially clear here, and the subtle dissonance is an especially nice touch.

From the sheer weight of the opening track, the band decides to throw us a curve ball with "The Sun Is Away"—a surprisingly competent take on Run For Cover Records’ particular brand of indie rock, with just the right amount of Sore Eyelids to keep things grounded in YOUNG MOUNTAIN’s style.

If you were expecting the third track to turn things down a notch, "///////////////" begins and ends with midtempo hardcore sections not unlike Birds In Row’s later material—still on the melodic side, but with strong Euro-style rhythms pounding underneath.

By the time "Misery" slinks its way in, you may have established that a major sonic theme in this record is capture and release—at least between tracks. This particular song comes off like a Suis La Lune jam if the now-defunct emo veterans decided to play slowcore instead.

The record’s second half kicks in with "Juni", another slow burn which almost plays off like a companion piece to the track prior. Things are a bit more up front here, with a more engaging introduction that leads into a number of the band’s well-established peaks and valleys.

If I remember correctly, "Vacant Eyes" was the band’s first single off this record. It’s arguably one of the more unique tracks on here considering the sudden turn towards a blasting post-black assault that’s nailed down by Kami’s especially vicious vocal performance. In a way, this almost comes off like something Respire would’ve written for 'Dénouement', but remains faithful to the YOUNG MOUNTAIN aesthetic.

Things slow down again for the album’s title track, "Lost Tree". It’s another build-up piece like "Misery", but quite a bit moodier with the way it goes from sparkly, restrained post-rock to its swelling conclusion. As much as I’d like the title track to be an album’s figurative thesis statement, this comes off like a tasteful set-up for the final track.

The album closer, "I Flew Over Your House Last Night" picks up where "Lost Tree" left off, and bookends the record with a pad and string intro reminiscent of *Shels’ work on 'Plains of the Purple Buffalo'. The added instrumentation makes for a hauntingly apt conclusion to the release. It’s one of the more fulfilling spots on 'Lost Tree', an experience akin to watching every single song on the record get sucked into this one final piece—leaving only the listener and absolute quiet in the album’s wake.

Parting thoughts

Let’s not mince words here, YOUNG MOUNTAIN might not be the place to start if you’re looking for artists that constantly break new stylistic ground. I would however argue, that given the amount of focus and dedication they put into the style, that sonic exploration isn’t the band’s intent. You’d be missing the point if you expected otherwise. In light of their discography, one could make the case for YOUNG MOUNTAIN being people who live in the moment—driven by expression, and a desire to hone their craft. While I do honestly feel that the record has its own share of missed opportunities, it does hit more than it misses. And when it does hit, it hits especially hard. This is the kind of record (and by extension, band) you lose yourself in, and I could only imagine what a live set from a band this focused on mood and dynamics would be like. For a YOUNG MOUNTAIN, their debut full-length sounds satisfyingly mature.

1st edition pressed by DMS LTD (Network Engineer) Plymouth in England.
- 200x, gatefold, black vinyl
- 150x, gatefold, transparant gold vinyl
- 150x, gatefold, transparant magenta vinyl

Through Love Rec - Europe - TLR047
co/ released with:

Zegema Beach Records - Canada - ZBR117
Miss The Stars - Germany - MTS046
Pundonor Records- Spain - PUN21
Hardcore For The Losers - Austria - HC4L048
Dasein Records - Danmark - DAS013

Lyrics by: Kami Kalantari
Music by: Young Mountain
Featuring Nicole Boychuk on "I Flew Above Your House Last Night"

Mix and master by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden.
Recorded by Karl Robb Kaardal at Pathfinder Productions.

Released on the 5th september, 2018.


Pay as you wish!

Friday, September 7, 2018

Next Show : Wall Breaker (USA), Pasty Clan (Linz), Enuff Talk (Vienna) @ Venster99

11.10.18 Hardcore For The Losers show :

WALL BREAKER (a new straight edge hardcore punk band from New Jersey, USA with members from Coke Bust, WarXGames, Bloodtype, Glory Fades and Chainsaw To The Face. Heavily influenced by bands like SSD and Life's Blood, but played with the speed of some of the early 00's era thrash bands like Tear It Up and WHN. This is Trump era hardcore. Released on cassette by Bleeding Edges Label and Absolute Contempt Records. Their brand new "Democracy Dies" 12" on Refuse Records will be available on tour)

Pasty Clan (Hardcore/Punk from Linz are back at it with their fifth release and first album in „Wir Ihr Sie“ (released on Hardcore For The Losers, HC4L028 Pasty Clan - Wir Ihr Sie LP 12".) Though the band may appear to (and do) have an attitude of fun with the presentation of the release (there is something of The Melvins in the self depreciation and tongue in cheek nods to the genre on the album cover) this is a ruse, these songs despite their simplicity of presentation are meticulous in the care that has been put into their construction.

Enuff Talk (old school thrashy hardcore / punk.from Vienna)

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Next Show : Abuse of Power (USA), Insist (UK), Echelons (Vienna), Masaya (Vienna) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show :

ABUSE OF POWER (Atlanta, USA) X Advanced Perspective, Triple B Records
Straight Edge HC hearken back to the sounds of the early-'90s,
bringing to mind bands like Outspoken, Resurrection and Chain Of Strength.

INSIST (Manchester Straight Edge) X React! Records, POWERED RECORDS
Aggressive and passionate classic straight edge hardcore played with untouchable style.

Unable To Fully Embrace This Happiness aka XECHELONSX
(Klagenfurt Straight Edge)

Masaya Cult 2nd show from a new Viennese Hardcore outfit.

Friday, August 3, 2018

HC4L027 Child Meadow / Caton & Ophélie / duct hearts / Moss Rose - 4-way Split 12" (2018)

Split 12" with screenprinted b-side, edition of 300.

co .- released w/

time as a color
KeepHope Productions
Friendly Otter
Dingleberry records and distribution
Dreamingorilla Rec
Adorno Records


Pay as you wish!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Next Show : Mališa Bahat (Cro), Nailed In (Cro) @ Venster99

04.08.2018 @ Venster99

// english below //

* 1300 bis 1900 Uhr
* drinnen & draußen
* 15 Aussteller*in_nen
* Live Acts & Auflegerei

* Philip Spiegl
* Skofi
* Jess

* veganes Buffet
(gegen freie Spende für Mietkosten vom Kaleidoskop)
* Infotische/Workshops

Mit Hardcore 4 the Losers

* ab 2000 Uhr
* Mališa Bahat
* Nailed In
* Xindl
*trash trash trash

Wir sind gegen jegliche Diskriminierungen und deren ausführenden Personen

Keine Traditionen aber Sitten


* 1 pm till 7 pm
* in & outdoor
* fitteen seller
* live acts and djs

* Philip Spiegl
* Skofi
* Jess

* vegan buffet for free donation to pay rental costs of Kaleidoskop
* radical infotables/workshops

with Hardcore for the Losers

* from 8 pm
* Mališa Bahat
* Nailed In
* Xindl
*trash trash trash

we are against all forms of discrimination

no traditions but morals

Friday, July 20, 2018

HC4L029 Bastos - Second Favourite Person LP 12" (2018)

"Romania’s saddest boys Bastos are back! This time with a full-length and no longer solely instrumental. Second Favourite Person has been out just for a few days but we already cried a few times over it. Not just because we’re doing a show for them in Sofia, but because we loved their previous record. Not sure how we feel about the band having lyrics now, but we probably like it as well. Vocals are emo to the bone, slightly put back in the mix so they’re definitely bringing a new intensity to the sound and helping Bastos keep their listeners challenged and excited (and sad).
Some of the lyrics are in Romanian, others are in English, but they’re short and sincere and we doubt you’ll have hard times understanding them. Second Favourite Person is a crazy, friendly and yet very emotional ride. I kind of like their new approach to production. While their debut split 7″ was clean and spacey, this one is raw, lively and edgy. Probably it was recorded live, who knows. Only thing we know the band did it by themselves and we love that. DIY and sad forever. Give it a spin, grab it for however you can. Make them sad boys happy." by Angel Simitchiev (DIY Conspiracy)

edited and mixed by Alin Cincă
mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios

Lungu Catalin - guitar
Laurenţiu Coţac - bass
Alin Cincă - guitar
Volodea Birii - drums

artwork by Karolina Pietrzyk

Released on vinyl through:
Not So Happy Records & Booking
Zilpzalp Records
Hardcore For The Losers
Summercide Records
Dischi Decenti
Culture Famine

Limited to 273 copies, with screenprinted covers and risograph printed A5 zine insert.


Pay as you wish!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

HC4L030 Varicella Zoster / Unable To Fully Embrace This Happiness - Split tape (2018)

Austrian finest (and the only ones) emoviolence acts have delivered us a definitive Record of the year.
"Sounds like if Orchid and Tristan Tzara got together in a room and cried and shouted for 10 minutes straight. Unbelieably great, bought on the first listen." by Binky from Convulsions Grindcore

The split comes in the form of a nice metallic red tape and two booklets of both bands.

Recorded @ Actionberg, Graz


Pay as you wish! you should contact me here mljuboje@gmail.com

HC4L028 Pasty Clan - Wir Ihr Sie LP 12" (2018)

"Austrian Metalpunk destroyers PASTY CLAN are back at it with their fifth release and first album in „Wir Ihr Sie“. Though the band may appear to (and do) have an attitude of fun with the presentation of the release (there is something of The Melvins in the self depreciation and tongue in cheek nods to the genre on the album cover) this is a ruse, these songs despite their simplicity of presentation are meticulous in the care that has been put into their construction.

The band ticks all the boxes on this release, fat d-beat riffs that sound like they are straight out of the British midlands in the late 70s, riffs that roll between chugging mosh starters to dance inflected (almost radio-freindly) proper punk! The vocals will keep you in no doubt of where the bands allegiences lie though, Zetto and Chris never relenting from an old school hoarse shout throghout the album.

Production-wise the balance is very clean and modern sounding, the balance is very tight between all the instruments and vocals, with nothing feeling overpowered or out of place, such a production might be inferred to give a punk band too clinical a sound but the inherent bounce and liveliness of the tracks pulls it right back to feeling just like being at a really well engineered gig.

This is proper joining in music, I feel like the best comparison I can think of would be something like Kvelertak but with the pretentious guitar noodling cut out and the rawness knocked up a notch, music you can drink a pint to and punch your mates, but in a way that you all remain freinds afterwards. Storming stuff!" by WOOAAARGH

Pasty Clan is:

Bene vocs
Tom drums
Kli bass/backing vocs
Hirm guit

released July 13, 2018

All music and lyrics written, arranged and performed by Pasty Clan (except songs 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 by PASTY CLAN and JOSEF INSPRUCKNER)

Recorded and mixed by Jürgen Neuhofer @ Bazoka Studios
Mastered by ROLAND WIEGNER @ Die Tonmeisterei

Bodypainting by Nicole Waitz
Photography by Thomas Schierer

co - released w/
Pandastic Records


Pay as you wish!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

HC4L024 HAUNA - Leave Me Behind EP tape (2018)


"2016 entstanden die ersten Momentaufnahmen namens „Dunkelkrach“ – eine EP aufgenommen im Proberaum mit der Hilfe von lieben Freunden. Gitarre, Effekte, Schlagzeug, Geschrei. Minimalistisch und auf die Fresse. Der Anspruch der Band war, als sie sich vor drei Jahren gegründet haben: Hauptsache Dunkel, hauptsache Krach. Möglichst laut, möglichst experimentell und ganz sicher nicht so klingen wie andere Bands.

2017 kamen Hauna dann, nachdem es immer schon irgendwie im Hinterkopf war, an einen Punkt, an dem für sie klar war, dass sie nicht mehr ohne Bass weitermachen wollen und können. Auch klar war allerdings, dass sie nicht eine weitere männliche Person in die Band holen wollen. Also haben sie aktiv nach einer Bassistin gesucht und im Sommer 2017 mit Julia auch gefunden.

Aus diesem neuen, bestärkten Gefühl haben wir den Kurs ein wenig gewechselt – die Musik, die wir seitdem geschrieben haben, ist ganz klar zugänglicher, strukturierter und trotzdem nicht weniger düster. Geschwärzter Post-Hardcore wäre vielleicht der passende Begriff.

Mit fünf Songs gingen Hauna ins S.T.R.E.S.S. Studio in Graz, gemeinsam mit Zock Astpai von ASTPAI und Petrol Girls einem Menschen, den sie, nach eigener Aussage, sowohl musikalisch als auch menschlich sehr schätzen. „Die Erfahrungen dort lässt sich schwer in Worte fassen. Es hat uns alle jedenfalls sehr weitergebracht und „Leave Me Behind“ ist genau das geworden, was Hauna im Moment auszeichnet und unsere neue Richtung wunderbar wiedergibt. Wir sind sehr stolz auf das Ergebnis und freuen uns, es mit euch teilen zu können.“, so die Band zu ihrem neuesten Werk." by prettyinnoise.de

"The new effort was recorded with Zock from ASTPAI and PETROL GIRLS at S.T.R.E.S.S. Studio in Graz, Austria and explores different, less experimental, and definitely better produced, richer sounds and vibes than we’ve heard from the Austrian act. In their case, less exploratory means no less of an emotional minefield and it’s somewhat nice that without taking a step too far, they have managed to craft their most fully realized work so far. HAUNA have evolved into a trio and the following single is their first new offering with the new line-up. Listen and see their official word below.
Do we really want to be another three dudes on stage in a male-dominated scene? This is the question that we, Florin and Dmitrij at that time, were facing early last year. After having released an EP in 2016 and playing multiple shows in Austria, we realized that we lacked a bass in HAUNA. We had people we could have asked but decided against it, realizing that, sadly, most of the bassists we knew were men and we didn’t want to further push such a skewed gender ratio at hardcore shows.
Luckily enough, around that time we got to know Julia who has joined the band since then as HAUNA‘s bassist. This has been the best thing that could have possibly happened to HAUNA – playing together, writing music the three of us, sharing the experiences that we had has been an invaluable process and there couldn’t be any better person than Julia to do it with, regardless of gender.
Right away, the sound of the band took a bit of a turn and we started to write more ‘focused’ tracks while still trying to maintain a dark, harsh feel. DIE was the first song we wrote as a three-piece and it encapsulates how we’ve been working this past year and the way we’ve evolved. The song-writing process was inspiringly organic, everyone of us introduced their own ideas to the song, and in the end it turned out to be the perfect dynamic opener to our upcoming EP.
Here’s what Florin Koller has to say about the lyrical themes on the record:
DIE and pretty much all of the other songs on the record are about fears and anxities I’ve been struggling with during the last few years. This song especially means a lot to me because I wrote the lyrics during a hypochondriac phase in my life when I really thought I will die soon. This song helped me see things in a more rational way.
Every track describes a different dark period in life and when you read the lyrics and hear the songs you might easily get depressed. But it also has a very positive outcome: Playing these songs is our catharsis. Especially in the last song and title track you will hear and feel it: It’s sometimes good when someone or something is leaving you, because it means you can get better afterwards." by Karol Kamiński from IDIOTEQ.com

Physical release of the EP comes as a rose cassete with a small booklet, co - released via/ No Firecracker, Please and Iltis Booking


Pay as you wish!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

HC4L049 Bad Ascent - Upon The Norm EP tape (2018)

a very politically oriented new hardcore band from Vienna. IN DEFENSE OF ALL SENTIENT LIVES


Pay as you wish!

HC4L023 Coma Regalia - The Mirror LP 11" (2018)

"One month after the premiere of their amazing split with Drei Affen, Middle-Man Records has just launched the full stream of “The Mirror”, the fourth full length from COMA REGALIA, Indiana’s well-known screamo act featuring the label’s founder and active DIY punk supporter Shawn Decker.
With echoes of the band’s previous work and obvious late 90s / early 00s inspirations, COMA REGALIA captures the deepening of the genre’s sound over time. Some might say the production feels a little undercooked, but it’s certainly not something you can charge a real screamo act with. “The Mirror” is a stirring document and a cathartic, worthwhile stop along the Middle-Man and the entire emotional post hardcore catalogue." IDIOTEQ.com

All donations going toward the SOUL GLO bail fund.

500 copies on 11" vinyl with 8.5 x 11 booklet insert with silk screened cover. Download code included.

- 300 on black w/two-color silk screened wraparound covers (THIS)

- 200 on clear maroon vinyl w/three-color silk screened wraparound covers

co-released w/

Middle-Man Records
Zegema Beach Records
time as a color
Dingleberry records and distribution
Pundonor Records
Adorno Records


Pay as you wish!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Next Show : LØVVE (FRA) Verbal Razors (FRA) Rutka Laskier (CZE) Røst (Vienna) the weight of water (Vienna) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show:
Warm up for the legendary festival. As every year, a couple of different types of punk bands that pass through Vienna. Same story, political, without nazi and macho shit.

So only the bands confirmed at the festival :


Verbal Razors

Rutka Laskier


+ special guests

the weight of water

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Next Show : Firewalker (USA), Fatamorgana (ESP), Nervöus (DE), Mavro Gala (GRE), Malaise (Vienna), Masaya (Vienna) @ Venster99

03.07.18 Hardcore For The Losers show :

FIREWALKER (Boston, MA, USA - Pop Wig Records)


...after their American tour with G.L.O.S.S, they finally come to Beč. Firewalker made a lot of noise off after release of their first debut
tapes. Their sound inspired by the Ball of Destruction-era Madball, Breakdown or Outburst combined with the message that directly questioned male domination in society and in the HC scene ("Brotherhood's outdated bring it fucking down - We're half the population and we're sicker than you") is a strong and inspiring voice in the USHC scene of recent years.
Firewalker LP is out now on Popwig records (Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile ...).

Fatamorgana (Barcelona)
Member of The Sceptres , The Shitty Limits etc etc and member of : Alert! Alert!, Belgrado etc etc have formed a new synth punk band called FATAMORGANA.

Nervöus (Berlin)
Second time in Vienna, hardcore/punk/screamo outfit from Germoney on Moment of Collapse Records.

Μαύρο Γάλα Mavro Gala (Athens)
Punks from Greece, a dark and mystical Hardcore/punk.

Malaise (Vienna Hardcore Punk FIRST SHOW)

Masaya Cult (Vienna Blackened Hardcore Punk FIRST SHOW)

Monday, June 11, 2018

Next Show : Jesus Piece (USA), Odd Man Out (USA), Year of the Knife (USA), Tigerwizard (Vienna) @ Venster99

26. June, Hardcore For The Losers & East-DOG DIY show :

Jesus Piece (Hardcore X Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US - Bridge Nine Records, Southern Lord Recordings)

Odd Man Out (SXE X Seattle, Washington, US - POP WIG)
OMO - supports a lifestyle that informs and inspires all forms of life. Although the language in the name suggests masculinity we admire and embrace all spectrums of love, sexuality, and identity. Odd Man Out supports a positive interaction with YOUR world and YOUR life, and encourages every struggle against socialized oppression and capitalism.

Year of the Knife (SXE X Newark, Delaware, US)

Tigerwizard (Vienna Hardcore)

Friday, June 8, 2018

HC4L051 Montagne - Spring Birds EP tape (2018)

Post-Metal band based in Paris and established in 2016. It is a three piece and it has many influences including classic rock, some post-rock riffs and metal breakdowns, reminds me of my favorite Wolves Like Us. 

EP comes in a nice Red cassette with sticker and small booklet inside. 

Drums recorded at Tallman Studio (Pantin fr) (Thanks to Tommy from the Kidz btw) 
Guitars and vocals home - recorded. 
Mixed and Mastered by Timothée Froger
Cover made by Mélanie Guitton with an artwork from JBJ : jbj.fr

co-released w/ 
BAD WOLF records.
Dingleberry records and distribution


Pay as you wish!

Monday, June 4, 2018

HC4L021 Traverse - S/T LP 12" (2018)

"The first song on the album is called Firestarter and it was also the first song to be released ahead of the full album – you might even know it from the March edition of the CPRW playlist. Firestarter begins with a reverby fade in of guitars and, when the vocals of the first verse hit, things get faster quite quickly. By the second verse, the pace is a pretty speedy one and we are treated to the perfect example of what Traverse are all about – upbeat indie punk that encourages you to sing along. The chorus in particular begs for you to join in – ‘I wage us leaving on the edge of me, Stood on your feet and pushed you in anxiety, We built this castle on loose soil, We built this castle on loose soil, Please stare at me.’ I think it’s always a little risky releasing the first song of an album ahead of the album itself, because then people will already be familiar with it rather than being hit with something brand new when you first listen to the album – but when the first track is this good I don’t care! There’s a nice fade into the next song, Asymptotes. This second track wastes no time in getting going and will hopefully get your head nodding immediately – it certainly did that for me anyway! I didn’t know what ‘asymptote’ meant before hearing this song but I looked it up and found that an asymptote is a straight line that approaches a curve but never quite gets there. So I guess that’s sort of what this song is about too, always trying to reach a goal but never quite reaching it. The song is a short one but it does pack in another highly singalongable chorus, this time featuring some subtle whoa-ohs in the background – a nice touch. ‘My will dissolved I swallowed it ’till the last drop, Watch me shrivel my determination, I’m so close to get the perfect knot with my rope, Hear me throw up my salvation.’ And then, before you know it, this short song has zoomed to its end. But never fear, there’s more where that came from! Starting more slowly than previous tracks with cleaner, clearer vocals, Meridians is more of a mid-tempo track about trying to deal with your inner demons. It allows listeners to have a bit of a breather while the band show off a more considered melodic and almost contemplative side. The pace and volume does pick up however for a belting final bridge section. ‘We won't be home again, My heart’ll always be elsewhere, Forever in between, Always stuck in between, We’ll never be home again, Our hearts’ll always be elsewhere.’

The fourth song of the album is called La Forme D’une Ville. After a short stop-start few seconds, this track gets going in an almost post-hardcore style, with crashing drums and big crunching guitars. La Forme D’une Ville means The Shape Of A City which also happens to be a book by French author Julien Gracq – I know nothing of this book, I simply googled the French phrase! It’s not just the song title that is in French here, the lyrics are too although interestingly this is the only song in French on the album. The song being in a language I don’t understand doesn’t stop me from wanting to yell along with the band, as this is another passionate, fists-in-the-air anthem of a tune. The bridge of ‘Combien de flammes à attiser, Pour combien d’incendies?’ (which loosely translates as ‘How many flames to fan, For how many fires?’) is the standout moment here, which then gives way to a quieter section before the crashing instruments return to play out the song. It Takes A Lot To Get Home is track number five and it kicks off with an upbeat combination of guitars and drums before things slow down somewhat for the first verse. You can tell that the pace will soon pick back up however. This is a song that deals with negative feelings when you just want to give up but, if anything, the song sort of does the opposite because it makes the listener feel like they’re not alone if they happen to be feeling the same – excellent. As it turns out, the band decide themselves that they won’t be giving any time soon either: ‘Worn out of struggling, You know it feels like giving in, Sometimes I feel like giving in, What if this life was about fighting?, Sometimes it feels like giving in, You know I won’t be giving in.’ Situations opens with a lengthy almost interlude-like introduction that lasts 30 seconds or so (that’s a long time for a punk rock song, right?). The guitars are fairly gentle and pleasantly melodic, soon the drums come in but it all continues to build gradually. The pace and volume picks up after those first 30 seconds but the first lyrics are a little longer coming – but when they do it all feels well worth the wait. There’s yet another great shout-along, fists-in-the-air chorus on offer in this track as well. The kind where the guitars take somewhat of a backseat while the drums and vocals that take the limelight – it reminded me of old Menzingers although is perhaps not so raw as some of their early stuff. ‘Let’s take back the streets, And light the torches, Because nothing’s ever felt alright. We write and sing, “The world or nothing”, And raise our fists through the sunlight.’ The catchiest lyrics of the album however appear in the bridge section of Situations, after an instrumental section. ‘If scissors beat paper, Then our ardour beats their elite.’ (Although I did think that second line was ‘Then I’m already dead.’ for a while.)
Kicking off with a rolling drumbeat before a slowly plodding melodic guitar part joins the mix, Future Ghosts is a much slower song compared to the majority of songs on the album so far. It feels almost dream-like and laid back which makes sense really as is actually matches up with the lyrics – for example, ‘I need to go to sleep now, And forget about it all.’ As much as I’ve been loving all of those shout-along choruses and cathartic moments, it is really quite refreshing to have a slower paced track. Not to mention that it shows that Traverse are more than one trick ponies (I’m not sure that that phrase will translate well for any French readers, sorry.). There are a lot of questions being asked in the lyrics of Future Ghosts, as well as the obvious references to ghosts, and so when the first lines of the next song, I’ll Never Be Missed, continue those themes it feels pretty poignant – ‘Have you ever left someone before, In a ghost town you used to call home?’ This is a steady paced song about feeling insignificant sometimes – like if you were to pack up and leave your town no one would care or miss you. It’s not the most positive of subjects but the way in which it is delivered feels otherwise. We even get some supportive gang vocals that shout ‘Leave it all behind!’ in the middle of the song, as well as the final chorus of repeated ‘I’ll never be missed.’ while the main vocal sings ‘Have you ever lost someone before?’. There’s some great layering on offer here. The ninth song is called Catch A Glimpse and begins with a generous helping of bass guitar. This contrasts with clean poppier vocals as the song progresses slowly through the first verse. The vocals shift to shoutier style for the second verse – ‘The street is setting the pace, This fuss isn't senseless, The curtains will close and it will be a mess.’ And then things continue to swap between the two styles. There’s a great sense of ups and downs, highs and lows, calmness and anger reflected in the song. And who doesn’t love a track that uses a sinking ship as a metaphor for your life?
Drawing towards the end of the album, the penultimate song is Lights In July. The opening bassline and drums will have your head nodding enthusiastically and the more intricate guitar part will have you hooked in no time at all. This is a song full of nostalgia yet, at the same time, it reflects on not actually being able to remember bits from your past and childhood in particular. ‘The kid I once was has never grown up, My old bedroom is full of dull school pictures, These faces and names I can’t remember.’ There aren’t so many lyrics in Lights In July, compared to earlier songs, but it more than makes up for any lack of lyrical content with an instrumental section towards the end of the song. This allows the band to show what great musicians they all are, before the line ‘I can’t feel any pride.’ is sung quietly with minimal backing… at least the first time through. The song ends with the same line being shouted with hella load of passion. After a faded and fuzzy start, the final track, We Sometimes Sleep But Never Dream, hits us with some big guitars. The pace is set high for this introduction and some pounding drums carry things along wonderfully. Traverse are really giving everything they’ve got for this last song! After 30 seconds or so, the pace slows a little and the instruments are turned down a notch for when the vocals come in but they continue to drive the song despite this. There’s a slow verse, a faster verse and one of those huge sing along choruses that we punks love so much – and ironically the chorus is about singing along to ‘just another song’. Just another song that we could sing along, Sing along…’ Then just when you think the song is going to end after two and a half minutes, it seems to fade out… but no! There’s a huge shout-along bridge section ending with the song’s title, ‘We sometimes sleep but never dream.’ Fin.

Traverse have released an excellent debut album and I highly recommend it to any fans of singalongable melodic indie punk rock – that’s everyone that reads this blog, right? " by Emma Prew (Colin's Punk Rock World)

Distributed By – Monster Zero
Distributed By – Recess Ops
Recorded At – Swan Sound Studio
Mixed At – Swan Sound Studio
Mastered At – Sun Room Audio: CD & Vinyl Pre-mastering
Artwork – Kevin Coeur-Joly
Mastered By – Dan Coutant
Recorded By, Mixed By – Guillaume Doussaud
Traverse is Charles, Priscillien Gac Kévin & Charly.

Co-Released w/

Fond Of Life Records
Bad Mood Asso
Joe Cool Records
Saddest SONG Records
Fireflies Fall
NoReason Records
Brassneck Records
Voice Of The Unheard records
Carlos Palacios


Pay as you wish!

Friday, June 1, 2018

HC4L045 Nevasca - Collecting Dust LP 12" (2018)

"The record is called "Collecting Dust" and it is full of bittersweet melodies and emotions!
Emo in its purest form and still a sureshot for everyone who likes the good old sounds of Mineral, Christie Front Drive (official) or Time Spent Driving. But with this full length release they show even more various influences: Some faster Songs, that got a rougher Emo-Punk edge, where Bands like Basement or older Title Fight come to mind! And in their greatest moments they even add a shoegaze/dreampop feeling to their epic Emo-Sound! Heartbreaking!" by lifeisafunnything

"If there's a small part in your heart for 90s emo/indie like Mineral, Braid or Christie Front Drive then you really shouldn't miss "Collecting Dust" - haven't heard anything so perfect to revive the old times of emo."

Pressing Infos:
150 opaque yellow vinyl
150 clear lilac with black swirl vinyl (this)

Drums by Vladimir Lyashenko at Galernaya 20, Saint-Petersburg
Guitars by Edward Biryukov at Cerber House Studio, Murmansk
Bass by Aleksandr Demyanov at Personal Data, Murmansk
Vocals partly by Aleksandr Chezhin at Leo Sound, Murmansk &
by Aleksandr Demyanov at Zapolar Sun, Murmansk

Mixed by Steve Roche (Permanent Hearing Damage)

Mastered by Will Killingsworth (Dead Air Studios

Artwork by Ksenia Romanchuk

co - released w/

Friend of Mine Records
Dingleberry records and distribution
Longrail Records
Not So Happy Records & Booking
Personal Data Records
Chuchi Records
Dasein Records

Tape version by:

Emocat Records
damn fine tapes


Pay as you wish!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Next Show : Protester (USA), Line of Sight ((USA), Last Shreds (Vienna), Pelvic Fin (Vienna), Grimms Eye (Vienna) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show :

Protester (Washington DC Straight Edge)

Line Of Sight (Washington DC Straight Edge)

Last Shreds (Vienna Hardcore)

Grimms Eye (Vienna Hardcore)

Pelvic FIn (Vienna, First Show)

Friday, May 18, 2018

Monday, May 14, 2018

HC4L035 ØJNE- Prima Che Tutto Bruci LP 12" (2018)

Melodic skramz in the style of their Italian forefathers, Raein and La Quiete This may be a controversial take, but I would say this is actually better than their widely adored predecessors. It's a pretty specific brand of screamo, putting wistful guitar work at the front, building tension with the drums and bass, and an absolute outpouring of passionate vocals. Where Øjne set themselves apart is making heavy use of the ebb and flow early post-hardcore and the shimmering beauty of crescendocore.

The vocalist is also a major highlight. There's something about his enunciation and the way he urges a climax upwards that violently yanks your heartstrings, and hands shaking, it takes all my self restraint to not scream along while in public. Spending some time with lyric translations is well worth it, as catharsis through resonance is the whole idea.Sull'altro lato del fiume is basically a perfect song. by : Menschenfeindlich

Recorded by Stefano Garotta at Soundcheck Studio in Milan, Italy.
Mixed by Mike Moschetto in Boston, Massachusetts.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE in Portland, Oregon.

Co-Released w/

Miss The Stars Records
Ancient Injury Records
Through Love Rec
Voice Of The Unheard records
La Agonía de Vivir
Unlock Yourself Records
Dreamingorilla Rec
Not So Happy Records & Booking
Adorno Records
Désordre Ordonné
Dasein Records
Summercide Records


Pay as you wish!

HC4L036 Ingrina- Etter Lys 2 x LP 12" (2018)

a two drummers overcrowded band, coming from forsaken places in France, great post hardcore with quite dark and mystical atmosphere.


- Black Hole
- Fluent
- Coil
- Resilience
- Leeway
- Surrender

Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Medication time
Artwork by Mamie Loup
Co - released w/
Vox ProjectI
I Love Limoges records
No Way Asso
Tokyo Jupiter Records
Ideal Crash -micro label DIY-


Pay as you wish!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Next Show : Hex (UK), Cheap Surgery(UK), Curb (Vienna) @ EKH

Hardcore For The Losers show:

New wave of British hardcore/punk

HEX (Leeds)


+ a completely new punk band from Vienna : Curb

vegan food, records, soli cocktails

Saturday, May 12, 2018

HC4L037 Stations/WREST. - Split 10" (2018)

10" black Vinyl 500

Wrest, is recorded and mixed by Robert (Arno X Dübel) 
Stations is recorded and mixed by Blackcrown Studios and Charles Chausseland

via Underdogs Clothing 
Hardcore For The Losers 
Fies ins Gesicht aka DIT Records

First 50 orders get a special pre-order cover 

Includes unlimited streaming of STATIONS / WREST. - SPLIT via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Ich sag mal so, kein Song knackt die 2-Minuten-Grenze und nur einer schafft es über 1:30. Klingt doch erstmal ganz gut! Die oft hyterisch geschriehene Stimme von Sängerin Nicole gräbt sich die Bahnen in die Gehörgänge gut frei. Außerdem bringt die durch den recht langsamen Gesang auf recht schnell gespielter Musik ein gewisse Diffusität mit sich. Geschmackssache, aber interessant!
Was mir auffällt ist, dass die Songs von Wrest. recht garagig produziert sind, was ihr Statement Trash / Punk / Social Damage unterstreicht. In den Songs geht es recht abwechslungsreich zu, was manchmal ein bisschen die Spannung nimmt und der Song dadurch nicht so recht ins „rollen“ kommt. Das ist dann wahrscheinlich mehr die Hardcore-Kante, gemengt mit Powerviolence Endspurts. Wobei wir wieder beim Thema wären: Geschmackssache. Nichtsdestotrotz ein guter Startschuss von einer Band mit Potential! Eine Kostprobe gefällig?
Kommen wir nun zu Stations.
Sie sind mit vier Songs vertreten und das geht nach vorne! Hardcore, für mich wie er im Buch steht. Der Stimme des Sängers Bill erinnt mich im Song Education is bliss und in langsameren Passagen ein bisschen an Roger Miret. Sobald die Songs schneller werden verfliegt das wieder.
Musikalisch wird das Ganze begleitet von fetten Gitarren und einem ausgefeilten Schlagzeug, was sich wirklich sehen lassen kann. Das geht gut runter und klingt für mich nach straightem, modernen hardcore, der den Blick zu den Punkrock-Roots nicht verloren hat! Reinhören könnt ihr hier. by AWAY FROM LIFE

Pay as you wish!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

HC4L039 selvə​ - Doma LP 12" (2018)

If possible even more intimate and introspective than the previous two albums, DOMA starts with an oneiric suspended intro, to then flow into a distorted and strident wall of sound, scream vocals and blind fury. Crooked melodies, yet extremely direct at the same time. On typically black-metal drums, saturated to the point of no return, guitar and bass build melodies with a more post-hardcore, at times blackgaze, flavour. There is a perfect balance between darkness and light: you are blinded by both, and you can only see through the twilight moments. Compared to the previous eléo, however, you got the feeling of a shift towards shadow - even if the ending of the second song (joy) seems to lead to a new brightening up, to a pause of serenity. In DOMA compositions expand with regard to duration, but they dry out with regard to form and arrangements. There is a tendency towards an essentiality full of emotionality. By subtraction, it is increased the expressive strength of a band which - already through the previous works (and concerts) - made this characteristic one of its distinguishing features, as well as one of its strengths. Arrived at the third stop-over of their journey, ['selvǝ] seem to have a clear idea of the path they are following, and their compass seems to direct them more and more towards their destination. by http://discovolanteblog.blogspot.co.at/

by Open Mind / Saturated Brain​ : http://openmindsaturatedbrain.blogspot.co.at/2018/01/selv.html 

White vinyl (This) Limited edition of 50 (hand-numbered sticker on the back)
Black vinyl Unknown amount

Comes with an insert.

Distributed by Goodfellas.
Press @ True Bypass.

Artwork, Layout – Matteo Cavalleri
Mastered By – Jack Shirley
Mixed By, Recorded By – Fabio Intraina
Performer – Alessandro Andriolo, Andrea Pezzi*, Tommaso Rey

Co - released w :

Hardcore For The Losers​
Shove Records​
General Soreness​‎
À Fond d'Cale Prod​‎
Cave Canem D.I.Y.​


Pay as you wish! 

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Next Show : Portrayal of Guilt (USA), Hauna (Vienna), Argon (Vienna) @ Venster99

13.05.18 Hardcore For The Losers show :

...for the first time in Europe : portrayal of guilt (Austin, Texas Punx X Sore Ear Collective, Miss The Stars Records, Contrition Recordings)

Portrayal of Guilt, a band that shares members with hardcore masterminds Illustrations. Today, Portrayal of Guilt are premiering their new self-titled 7", a collection of three songs that showcase their dexterity within the genre. Opener "Humanity Is Frail" is a good reflection of the anger and chaos seen in the likes of Pg. 99 and Encyclopedia of American Traitors.
Melody is introduced in unexpected, sometimes sinister ways. In "The One," a guitar lead gradually become more and more menacing as it whips toward the end of the song. The 7" ends with "Mourning Ahead," a moody, constantly building work that explodes at its midpoint, scratching, self-destructive vocals becoming heavier and heavier until a final crescendo, a satisfying end to a powerful punch of an EP.

+ golden support

HAUNA (Vienna, Graz X Hardcore For The Losers)

Argon (Vienna, Luxembourg)

Monday, May 7, 2018

HC4L041 Sunnbrella/Hiding - Split tape (2018)

New Split EP by Sunnbrella and Hiding. Two songs from each band. Limited to 100 copies: 50 Baby Blue and 50 White. Co-release with Backpack Records Koepfen Records and Hardcore For The Losers.

Includes unlimited streaming of Sunnbrella / Hiding Split via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Pay as you wish!


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Next Event : Punk Rock, Mental Health and Recovery w/ Craig Lewis (USA) & Alex Alert.(Vienna) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers presents Craig Lewis " The punk counsellor using his DIY ethic to promote mental health and wellbeing.
Stability through punk, Peer counsellor and punk Craig Lewis suffered three decades of unnecessary medication and abuse at the hands of the psychiatric system. Today, he offers young punks struggling with mental health challenges an alternative path to recovery.

Craig owes his survival to punk. When nobody else cared, the punk community in his hometown of Boston, Massachusetts accepted him and gave him a much-needed sense of belonging. He remembers vividly the first time he ever met another punk – the day he was first placed in a mental institution, on April 13, 1988, aged 14.







Come and check what this man has to say, someone could help, We will start around 21:00, ofc if anyone has some kind of story to share, feel free to take a microphone. .

+ political acoustic support by Alex Alert

No Love Songs for the Working Class is the Acoustic Side-Project of Dead City Radio´s singer Alex Alert from St. Pölten/Vienna, trying to connect a Working-Class-Anarchist attitude to the genre of Protestsongwriting.
The songs and lyrics are to be understood under an anti-fascist, anti-racist, queer-tolerant and animal-friendly aspect.

Punx for Punx !