Monday, November 14, 2022

Next Show : Fuck it... I Quit (USA), Fuck Sorry! (Vienna), Saugbagger (Vienna) @ Venster99

30.11.22 Hardcore For The Losers show :
Fuck It... I Quit! (Atomic Action Records, Refuse Records, New Jersey, USA)
Older hardcore kids and punx remember Ensign from the 90s as one of the best bands from the East Coast, this time Tim Ensign comes with a more political and punk outfit called Fuck It... I Quit!.
Fuck Sorry! (Hardcore/Punk, Vienna)
Saugbagger (New Hardcore/Punk from Vienna)

Friday, November 11, 2022

HC4L068 Janpalach - Celestials LP 12" (2022)

Based on the concept of various emotional states, mental traumas and way to overcome them, “Celestials“, the newest album from Odessa, Ukraine based screamo band janpalach is yet another great example of how the emotional hardcore and post hardcore scene is blooming with fervour thanks to awe inspiring creatives and amazing artists from all over the world. To give it a proper nod, we have teamed up with the band to paint a bigger picture of what was embedded into this interesting piece of art.

“In the Victorian theatrical slang, the term “Celestials” was used in reference to the audience, which was also called “roof-scrapers”.” – explains the band.
“They were closest to the “gods and angels” (who were often painted on the ceilings) and sat on the highest spectator tiers. But the bottom line is that these listeners and viewers are actually closed off from other audiences in expressing their emotions. However, it is worth noting that the album in no way dictates or imposes the absolute truth. First of all it tells stories. This is all a theatrical performance. And there is a lot of farce in it.”

The album is divided into three phases. These phases are also named after slang theatrical expressions from different eras.

As explained by the band:

“to take a dagger and draw yourself “ literally means an illogical action or twist in the hero’s plot behavior, which often traumatizes the characters around you mentally or physically,

“to fall out corpsing” is an expression that means an unpredictable exit from the role when you do not hold back and, for example, start laughing suddenly,

“to break the fourth wall” is the character’s appeal from the stage during the performance to the audience, which destroys the audience’s perception of the main character’s emotions and makes him real for everyone.

All instrumnets recorded by Yurii Zabelin at Leta Studio in Odesa, UA
Photography by Maryna Lozinska IG: @mari.am_photooo
Artwork by Andrii Hmiliar IG: @andreihmiliar

Vinyl : 12" Red transparent and 12" Black opaque.

Pay as you wish!