Monday, May 21, 2018

Next Show : Protester (USA), Line of Sight ((USA), Last Shreds (Vienna), Pelvic Fin (Vienna), Grimms Eye (Vienna) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show :

Protester (Washington DC Straight Edge)

Line Of Sight (Washington DC Straight Edge)

Last Shreds (Vienna Hardcore)

Grimms Eye (Vienna Hardcore)

Pelvic FIn (Vienna, First Show)

Friday, May 18, 2018

Monday, May 14, 2018

HC4L035 ØJNE- Prima Che Tutto Bruci LP 12" (2018)

Melodic skramz in the style of their Italian forefathers, Raein and La Quiete This may be a controversial take, but I would say this is actually better than their widely adored predecessors. It's a pretty specific brand of screamo, putting wistful guitar work at the front, building tension with the drums and bass, and an absolute outpouring of passionate vocals. Where Øjne set themselves apart is making heavy use of the ebb and flow early post-hardcore and the shimmering beauty of crescendocore.

The vocalist is also a major highlight. There's something about his enunciation and the way he urges a climax upwards that violently yanks your heartstrings, and hands shaking, it takes all my self restraint to not scream along while in public. Spending some time with lyric translations is well worth it, as catharsis through resonance is the whole idea.Sull'altro lato del fiume is basically a perfect song. by : Menschenfeindlich

Recorded by Stefano Garotta at Soundcheck Studio in Milan, Italy.
Mixed by Mike Moschetto in Boston, Massachusetts.
Mastered by Brad Boatright at AUDIOSIEGE in Portland, Oregon.

Co-Released w/

Miss The Stars Records
Ancient Injury Records
Through Love Rec
Voice Of The Unheard records
La Agonía de Vivir
Unlock Yourself Records
Dreamingorilla Rec
Not So Happy Records & Booking
Adorno Records
Désordre Ordonné
Dasein Records
Summercide Records

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HC4L036 Ingrina- Etter Lys 2 x LP 12" (2018)

a two drummers overcrowded band, coming from forsaken places in France, great post hardcore with quite dark and mystical atmosphere.


- Black Hole
- Fluent
- Coil
- Resilience
- Leeway
- Surrender

Produced, recorded, mixed & mastered by Medication time
Artwork by Mamie Loup
Co - released w/
Vox ProjectI
I Love Limoges records
No Way Asso
Tokyo Jupiter Records
Ideal Crash -micro label DIY-

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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Next Show : Hex (UK), Cheap Surgery(UK), Curb (Vienna) @ EKH

Hardcore For The Losers show:

New wave of British hardcore/punk

HEX (Leeds)


+ a completely new punk band from Vienna : Curb

vegan food, records, soli cocktails

Saturday, May 12, 2018

HC4L037 Stations/WREST. - Split 10" (2018)

10" black Vinyl 500

Wrest, is recorded and mixed by Robert (Arno X Dübel) 
Stations is recorded and mixed by Blackcrown Studios and Charles Chausseland

via Underdogs Clothing 
Hardcore For The Losers 
Fies ins Gesicht aka DIT Records

First 50 orders get a special pre-order cover 

Includes unlimited streaming of STATIONS / WREST. - SPLIT via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Ich sag mal so, kein Song knackt die 2-Minuten-Grenze und nur einer schafft es über 1:30. Klingt doch erstmal ganz gut! Die oft hyterisch geschriehene Stimme von Sängerin Nicole gräbt sich die Bahnen in die Gehörgänge gut frei. Außerdem bringt die durch den recht langsamen Gesang auf recht schnell gespielter Musik ein gewisse Diffusität mit sich. Geschmackssache, aber interessant!
Was mir auffällt ist, dass die Songs von Wrest. recht garagig produziert sind, was ihr Statement Trash / Punk / Social Damage unterstreicht. In den Songs geht es recht abwechslungsreich zu, was manchmal ein bisschen die Spannung nimmt und der Song dadurch nicht so recht ins „rollen“ kommt. Das ist dann wahrscheinlich mehr die Hardcore-Kante, gemengt mit Powerviolence Endspurts. Wobei wir wieder beim Thema wären: Geschmackssache. Nichtsdestotrotz ein guter Startschuss von einer Band mit Potential! Eine Kostprobe gefällig?
Kommen wir nun zu Stations.
Sie sind mit vier Songs vertreten und das geht nach vorne! Hardcore, für mich wie er im Buch steht. Der Stimme des Sängers Bill erinnt mich im Song Education is bliss und in langsameren Passagen ein bisschen an Roger Miret. Sobald die Songs schneller werden verfliegt das wieder.
Musikalisch wird das Ganze begleitet von fetten Gitarren und einem ausgefeilten Schlagzeug, was sich wirklich sehen lassen kann. Das geht gut runter und klingt für mich nach straightem, modernen hardcore, der den Blick zu den Punkrock-Roots nicht verloren hat! Reinhören könnt ihr hier. by AWAY FROM LIFE

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Thursday, May 10, 2018

HC4L039 selvə​ - Doma LP 12" (2018)

If possible even more intimate and introspective than the previous two albums, DOMA starts with an oneiric suspended intro, to then flow into a distorted and strident wall of sound, scream vocals and blind fury. Crooked melodies, yet extremely direct at the same time. On typically black-metal drums, saturated to the point of no return, guitar and bass build melodies with a more post-hardcore, at times blackgaze, flavour. There is a perfect balance between darkness and light: you are blinded by both, and you can only see through the twilight moments. Compared to the previous eléo, however, you got the feeling of a shift towards shadow - even if the ending of the second song (joy) seems to lead to a new brightening up, to a pause of serenity. In DOMA compositions expand with regard to duration, but they dry out with regard to form and arrangements. There is a tendency towards an essentiality full of emotionality. By subtraction, it is increased the expressive strength of a band which - already through the previous works (and concerts) - made this characteristic one of its distinguishing features, as well as one of its strengths. Arrived at the third stop-over of their journey, ['selvǝ] seem to have a clear idea of the path they are following, and their compass seems to direct them more and more towards their destination. by

by Open Mind / Saturated Brain​ : 

White vinyl (This) Limited edition of 50 (hand-numbered sticker on the back)
Black vinyl Unknown amount

Comes with an insert.

Distributed by Goodfellas.
Press @ True Bypass.

Artwork, Layout – Matteo Cavalleri
Mastered By – Jack Shirley
Mixed By, Recorded By – Fabio Intraina
Performer – Alessandro Andriolo, Andrea Pezzi*, Tommaso Rey

Co - released w :

Hardcore For The Losers​
Shove Records​
General Soreness​‎
À Fond d'Cale Prod​‎
Cave Canem D.I.Y.​

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Next Show : Portrayal of Guilt (USA), Hauna (Vienna), Argon (Vienna) @ Venster99

13.05.18 Hardcore For The Losers show :

...for the first time in Europe : portrayal of guilt (Austin, Texas Punx X Sore Ear Collective, Miss The Stars Records, Contrition Recordings)

Portrayal of Guilt, a band that shares members with hardcore masterminds Illustrations. Today, Portrayal of Guilt are premiering their new self-titled 7", a collection of three songs that showcase their dexterity within the genre. Opener "Humanity Is Frail" is a good reflection of the anger and chaos seen in the likes of Pg. 99 and Encyclopedia of American Traitors.
Melody is introduced in unexpected, sometimes sinister ways. In "The One," a guitar lead gradually become more and more menacing as it whips toward the end of the song. The 7" ends with "Mourning Ahead," a moody, constantly building work that explodes at its midpoint, scratching, self-destructive vocals becoming heavier and heavier until a final crescendo, a satisfying end to a powerful punch of an EP.

+ golden support

HAUNA (Vienna, Graz X Hardcore For The Losers)

Argon (Vienna, Luxembourg)

Monday, May 7, 2018

HC4L041 Sunnbrella/Hiding - Split tape (2018)

New Split EP by Sunnbrella and Hiding. Two songs from each band. Limited to 100 copies: 50 Baby Blue and 50 White. Co-release with Backpack Records Koepfen Records and Hardcore For The Losers.

Includes unlimited streaming of Sunnbrella / Hiding Split via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

Pay as you wish!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Next Event : Punk Rock, Mental Health and Recovery w/ Craig Lewis (USA) & Alex Alert.(Vienna) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers presents Craig Lewis " The punk counsellor using his DIY ethic to promote mental health and wellbeing.
Stability through punk, Peer counsellor and punk Craig Lewis suffered three decades of unnecessary medication and abuse at the hands of the psychiatric system. Today, he offers young punks struggling with mental health challenges an alternative path to recovery.

Craig owes his survival to punk. When nobody else cared, the punk community in his hometown of Boston, Massachusetts accepted him and gave him a much-needed sense of belonging. He remembers vividly the first time he ever met another punk – the day he was first placed in a mental institution, on April 13, 1988, aged 14.


Come and check what this man has to say, someone could help, We will start around 21:00, ofc if anyone has some kind of story to share, feel free to take a microphone. .

+ political acoustic support by Alex Alert

No Love Songs for the Working Class is the Acoustic Side-Project of Dead City Radio´s singer Alex Alert from St. Pölten/Vienna, trying to connect a Working-Class-Anarchist attitude to the genre of Protestsongwriting.
The songs and lyrics are to be understood under an anti-fascist, anti-racist, queer-tolerant and animal-friendly aspect.

Punx for Punx !