Friday, December 15, 2017

HC4L033 Diploid - Everything Went Red LP 12" (2017)

"Melbourne trio Diploid are one of the most interesting bands to emerge from the Australian underground in recent years. Their new album, Everything Went Red, compellingly encapsulates the band’s eclectic approach, mixing elements of punk, grind, black metal, sludge, doom, power violence, screamo, noise and more" Unbelievably BAD

Recorded on April 22nd, 23rd and 29th at MagnetStudios. Recorded and mixed on stolen Wurundjeri Land - sovereignty never ceded

1st Press:
100 Blood Red
150 Black

Hit me up, pay as you wish.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Next Show : Disavow (SWE), Blindfolds (Vienna), Grimms Eye (Vienna) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers opening of the 2018 w/

vegan straight edge from Gothenburg (with members of ANCHOR, PAINTED WOLVES, OAK and others)

Vienna Hardcore

Lower Austria/Vienna Hardcore (new band)

Grimms Eye
New Vienna Hardcore

Saturday, November 25, 2017

HC4L031 Out of Phase/Dogs - Split tape (2017)

One of the favorite East German punx nowadays . 

Mastered at Dead Air Studios by Will Killingsworth.
Recorded and mixed by ourselves at Suedkiez.
All songs written and performed by Out of Phase, except "Threshold of Pain" written by Surge.

DOGS was a short lived project. This thing was recorded in March 2015 at Alte Mälze Regensburg by
DOGS and Max from Out of Phase. DOGS was Julian - Guitar, Fabi - Bass, Max - drums.

Co released w/
Broken Sounds & Trace in Maze Records & Concert Booking

Hit me up for the tape, pay as you wish.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Next Show : Hexis (DK), Pettersson (Vienna), Tigerwizard (Vienna) @ Venster99

14.11.2017 Hardcore For The Losers show :

Hexis (Copenhagen, Alerta Antifascista Records (official), Halo Of Flies, Hardcore For The Losers etc)

"rowdy and destructive DIY hardcore extravaganza from Copenhagen, Denmark. These guys play a super heavy style of distorted, beefed up black metal / grindcore infused hardcore punk. Powerful blasts of furious guitar riffs, thundering drums and doomy bass all topped off with girthy growls and screams."

Pettersson (Vienna, My Name Is Jonas, (We Built The World And) Miss The Stars, Hardcore For The Losers etc)

"The band sounds very Scandinavian – not only the name but also their sound. But behind the name we find three friends from Vienna who formed the band in late 2014."

Tigerwizard (Vienna)

"Insgesamt ist BORN TO DIE eine gelungene und sehr gut produzierte Hardcore EP, die am besten bei voller Lautstärke gehört werden sollte. Sie beinhaltet neben einigen mittelmäßigen Songs auch echte Kracher, die unbedingt auch live gehört werden sollten."

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Next Show : Cartouche (FRA), Hiëna (Wiener Neustadt) @ EKH

Hardcore For The Losers & Dagdas Diy Shows,
Moved @ EKH

Cartouche (Paris / Agen / Angers)
Political punk from former members of the legendary Brigada Flores Magon, La Fraction, Ya Basta !, Kochise, Mascarade etc etc

Hiëna (Wiener Neustadt)

Aureole of Ash & Huge Grant cancelled

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Next Show : Deutsche Laichen (DE), schrAiraum (Graz), Wounds Of Castrated Dicks (Vienna), LEESA. (Vienna) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show , 4 bands, all grrrls, come and support,

Deutsche Laichen (Riot Grrrl Punk, Göttingen)

Wounds Of Castrated Dicks (Riot Grrrl Punk, Rosa Lila Villa)

schrAiraum (Riot Grrrl, Graz)

LEESA. (Femacoustic Vienna)

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Next Show : Esazlesa (CZ), Varicella Zoster (Graz), False King (Vienna) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show :

ESAZLESA (One of the best emo/screamo bands since 2009)

Varicella Zoster (same like Esazlesa, but a few years younger)

False King (A Post-Hardcore band from Vienna drawing from influences ranging from Deafheaven to Converge & Brand New)

Friday, September 15, 2017

Next Show : Dawn Ray'd (UK), Schattenlicht (Vienna), Durkheim (Vienna) @ Venster99

21.10.17 Hardcore For The Losers Matinee Show w/ Schwach @ AU


21.10.17 Hardcore For The Losers Night Show @ Venster 99 w/

Dawn Ray'd (Halo Of Flies)
Black Metal from the north of England. 
/// Destroy NSBM, death to all fascist apologists! /// 

an anti-fascist and anarchist Black Metal Band from Vienna, founded in 2008. 

Black Metal from Vienna on Talheim Records

Saturday, August 26, 2017

HC4L025 duct hearts / Tdoafs - Split 6" (2017) started streaming the upcoming Tdoafs / duct hearts split 6", check it out here:…/
Originally planned as a 5″ but upsized for sound quality reasons canadian TDOAFS and german DUCT HEARTS team up with ZILPZALP RECORDS (D), TIME AS A COLOR (D), DASEIN RECORDS (DEN), CIVIC DUTY (AUS), DON‘T LIVE LIKE ME RECORDS (US), DINGLEBERRY RECORDS (D), À FOND D’CALE (F), HARDCORE FOR THE LOSERS (A) and ADORNO RECORDS (UK) to release their split single on classy custom sized 6″ vinyl. Both bands contribute one song exclusively written for this record, while TDOAFS have a harsh and short as usual (few of their songs reach the 3 minute mark) screamo burst at its best, DUCT HEARTS, who usually have their songs take a bit more time to breathe, unfold, sometimes even up to 8 minutes, show they can get to the point quickly if neccessary. Recorded in the same session as their recently released debut LP ‘feathers’ and not unlike that record you get cleans, rock, reverb, delay, double-bass and a fully orchestrated wall-of-sound. simply stripped down to a mere 2:30.
Time As A Color‘s founder Daniel Becker commented:
I think I first heard about tdoafs on their split 8″ with beau navire, carrion spring and te lloraria un puto rio released by bear records in 2009, back then they still used their full name, thediscordofaforgottensketch. bear is sadly now defunct but I traded records with rob a lot back in the days and he always put out amazing releases. I think that 8″ was also the very first odd-sized record I had in my distro, and it kind of impressed me. you know I always try to release something a little different than other people, like an elaborate screenprinting or packaging, something that stands out from other releases. I think that’s why odd sized records are somewhat appealing to me. I was lucky to release a bunch of releases together with shawn of middle man records and coma regalia, and of course shawn’s approach to make his releases outstanding as well as the odd sized splits he released (for example the split 5″ with foxmoulder or the 6″ with gillian carter we did together) kind of fed my fire to release an odd sized record myself. we initially planned the record to be a 5″ and that’s the format our song was written for, but the clean guitar outro kind of ended up being a lot longer than planned so we sized up for sound quality reasons. I think we had one or two other possible split mates on our mind for this record and at first I didn’t even think of asking tdoafs because they hadn’t been very actively releasing something in europe just until they did their 4-song 7″ 2 years ago, but then I knew they would be the perfect split mate for a short and dirty punk-style 5/6″ record and luckily they immediately agreed on doing the split. I just realised now that after they’ve been my first contact with an odd sized record the fact that we are now finally doing a 6″ especially with tdoafs kind of closes the circle which is a really cool thing.
Catch DUCT HEARTS live at their upcoming September tour with Italian instrumental post hardcore / post metal band ISTMO.
Vienna Show : ISTMO, duct hearts, Can i Say, Loather - Venster99

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Next Show : duct hearts (GER), ISTMO (IT), Can I Say (Vienna), Loather (Vienna) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers last minute show :

duct hearts
(South of Munich, mid 90´s emo, post rock, they´re coming with a new Split 5" w/ tdoafs released on Hardcore For The Losers & DIY Mafia )

Italian Instrumental Post-Metal – Ambient Band from Bari. Released by Upwind. Co-released by Ruffmo/Records and some other labels you should look out for.

Emo Rock from Vienna on Electric Fire Records

Post Rock, Experimental Drone from VIenna.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Next Show : MORT MORT MORT / Aussitôt Mort (FRA), Seqvoia (AT) @ AU

Hardcore For The Losers show :

MORT MORT MORT (Post metal punx from Caen)

Seqvoia (Vienna)

Entrance : Donations/Freispende

HC4L026 Кальк - S/T LP 12" (2017)

Political emoviolence with synth from Kiel. Loud and nervous screamo interrupted with psychedelic synth, In the absence of screamo bands with female singers, really refreshing, Anna in her lyrics covering political issues, grrrl situation at the scene, and the threat of fascism, homophobia, transphobia and other nonsense of civilization. We had a chance to watch them half a year ago in Vienna w/ Old Time Gospel Hour & Jodok
Members also played in Chuck Bass

300 copies pressed on black vinyl, hand-stamped all of them and created a small zine as an extra.
Engineered by Micha Möller
Mixed & Mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden, East Palo Alto

Co-Released w/
Polar Summer
Marderschaden DIY
Tadzio Records
Janml Records
Maja von Lobeck

Price : Pay as you wish

Thursday, July 27, 2017

HC4L022 Eat My Fear - S/T EP 7" (2016)

Vegan X Straight Edge X Hardcore/Punk fast, aggressive, political and full of love straight from Berlin. Members of Anti-Corpos...

This is for all the gender queers, women, punks, gays, dykes, poc's, trans, survivers
For the people who don't fit in the society and who keep on searching for a place where they can be themself!
This is for everyone who doesn't fit
in their places, in the straight line
We seek happiness in the small things
Even if we have to suffer distancing
Brothers and sisters struggling
Never give up
queers punx dykes
Never give up
poc's, trans, survivers
never give up
holding hands and connecting hearts
Never give up
This is for everyone who doesn't fit
We are searching for friends, respect, support
Families we choose and make us feel safe
We are searching for a place that welcomes us
Brothers and sisters struggling
Never give up
queers punx dykes
Never give up
poc's, trans, survivers
never give up
holding hands and connecting hearts
Never give up

Co - Released w /
Microsleep Rec.
Good Things
No gods No masters
Entes Anomicos

andrzej - vocal
andrea - drums
dirk - bass
adriessa - guitar

price : pay as you wish

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Next Show : Viva Belgrado (ESP), Youth (AT) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers summer vibes : 

Viva Belgrado (Córdoba, Aloud Music Ltd Tokyo Jupiter Records , Walking is still honest Records...) 

YOUTH (Vienna) 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Next Show : Eaglehaslanded (RU), Pадост-Cтрадање (SRB), Drux (DE), Axe Rash (SWE) @ Venster99

Warm up for the legendary festival. As every year, a couple of different types of punk bands that pass through Vienna. Same story, political, without nazi and macho shit.

AxeRash (StockholmXUppsala) punx

Drux (Leipzig) stomp

Eaglehaslanded (Санкт Петербург) emoviolence

радост-страдање (Belgrade) freshviolence

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Sunday, May 21, 2017

HC4L013 Stillborn - "Plague/Resistance" EP 7" (2017)

Vienna based political hardcore band have recorded 4 songs for a new EP called „Plague/Resistance“, which will be released on 7inch vinyl via Hardcore For The Losers, Mosh Potatoes & band. Here´s the cover artwork, done by their talented bassplayer Martin Krammer "We are a PLAGUE to this system, we are RESISTANCE!"

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Next Show : Krank (DE), WOCD (Vienna), Death Row Groupies (Vienna) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show :

Krank (Hamburg)
The second time in a year (and 2 months), they´re coming with a new LP "Die Verdammte" released on This Charming Man-Records. Last time it was chaos, this time will be even greater.

WOCD (Rosa Lila Villa)
Nervous before the show, angry on tradition and patriarchy, will knock you a dose of feminism directly in your head.

Death Row Groupies (Vienna Crime City)
After last year's madness, it is logical that they come again and represent two new songs for easy listening during conjugal visits or heartfelt beatings. Recorded by the original fright man, GXL at XXX tape sessions.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Next Show : Rosa Parks (CZ), Apolita (CZ), Susi Molotow (Vienna), Beauty Lies (Vienna) @ Einbaumöbel

Hardcore For The Losers show :

ROSA PARKS (Anarcho Punk, Czech Republic)
Strictly DIY, against all kind of prejudice and oppression. Equality – Freedom – Love – Peace – Anarchy. They´re coming with a new Split 7" w/Gattaca released on Hardcore For The Losers & Co.
"The traditional role of woman, the mother – estate of man and society, objects of desire, prestige toys and the mothers of another generation. But what they really want? Nobody asks, the traditions rules. But what they really want? Ask no questions – it just generates the anger. Submisive objects of society – processed by daily experience. But I want to be more than just an illusion – not only the second one that walks in the shade. Given hand – a sign of the partnership not just as another tool of oppression, because they think that i´m so weak"

APOLITA (Hardcore Punk, Czech Republic)
DIY punk against racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of oppression.
"Do not be intimidated by xenophobic majority. do not let you to be imposed into minor role, only you know who you are - who you were - who you want to be. You've never been the one they wanted you to be, do not be afraid to express, leave footprints behind, do not let to be silenced, it's still you until you wont obey, you are staying human. Do not give up and show that you're here"

+ support from Vienna

Beauty Lies - slow, silent, soft, acoustic, dark folk

Susi Molotow - riot grrrl

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

HC4L009 The seeker - "Malaya" LP 12" (2017)

Furious, raging, mad, ferocious, rabid, angry, enraged hardcore/punk from Milano, Italy. You can check a new track off the upcoming 12'' record called "Malaya".

Co-released w/

Delusion Of Terror Records
ZAS Autoproduzioni Records
Dead Punx Society
Rumori in Cantina Records
Saitani Konsertii
Professional Punkers
Punti Scena Records
El Bastardo Booking & DIY Label
RICE UP Records

Friday, April 7, 2017

HC4L017 Left To Starve / Eaglehaslanded Split 12" (2017)

Left to Starve / Eaglehaslanded Split EP 12" (2017)
Most active diy bands from Croatia and Serbia at this moment.. Splendid mix of sludgy blackened hardcore and 90´s emoviolence. Surely Record for your collection.

200 copies on black vinyl / 
screen printed covers and riso print on booklets.

Released by : 
Dingleberry records and distribution, Mosh Potatoes, Mad Schnauzer , Hardcore For The Losers Summercide Records

First track from EGHLND is a Phoenix Bodies cover. More tracks and announcements to come!
Cover and layout by Volodea Biri

Thursday, March 23, 2017

HC4L016 Vivresavie / La Petite Mort/Little Death / Young Mountain Split 12" (2017)


Young Mountain
A1. Pilträdsvillan
A2. Bloom

Vivre Sa Vie
B1. Ehler-Danlos
B2. Shield

La Petite Mort/Little Death
B3. Intro
B4. Windchime
B5. This name Rings A Bell

YOUNG MOUNTAIN bring in 2 new tracks to this compilation, both of them dealing with issues that define them, veganism and politics.

The band commented:

”We wanted to create something alive, something natural. We decided to just meet up in our rehearsal for a few days and just jam together and soon enough we had taken a new shape. During the last year we have suffered a lot as a band and individuals which have formed a new sort of musical entity in us. In the same wave of events two of our members departed and two came to join us, Jakob (drums) and John (bass).

Both of them have been close friends of ours for years before, so their entry in the band came smooth.

As with everything, the hardships and the exchange of members we have gone through a new angle of musicianship. The two songs that we will release are a taste of what’s to come, a trace back to our roots as much as they lead the way to our future sound and the coming full length record. We, with these songs, present to you a current motion of ever-changing pace, a feeling of ambivalence along with some sense of direction.” By

Released by skramz mafia : Miss The Stars Records, Voice Of The Unheard records, Pundonor Records, Hardcore For The Losers and zilpzalp records.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

HC4L011 Det är därför vi bygger städer / Pettersson Split EP 7"

Det är därför vi bygger städer / Pettersson Split EP 7" (2017) 

"Vienna meets Stockholm, as Pettersson teams up with Det är därför vi bygger städer to spoil us with one hell of a split record.... 
In customary style, Pettersson - who were able to leave a remaining impression with their 2016 debut, Rift & Seam - are leading off the split with the three minute, post-rock influenced screamo epos, Sensory Deprivation > Motion Sickness. Slowly Rising, the song is characterized by the ability of Adrian, Dominik and Tobias not to exaggerate, but to make clever use of post-rock riffs, wrapping Dominik’s breathtaking vocals into a well-composed sound garment. Hereinafter, Det är därför vi bigger städer comes up with their part of the split, shifting the focus to a edgier sound, sticking a bit closer to the roots of the genre. On Reverse Polarity, the Swedes offer an intense mix of versatile guitar-playing and wild drumming, changing the pace quite a lot. Released by ten different DIY labels, the split, whose cover artwork was created by Chaz Hewitt of Human Hands, will be available on black and grey seven inch vinyl..." by Form und Leere

Out in April 2017 the according 7'' will be available via Hardcore For The Losers *Koepfen *Dingleberry records and distribution *zilpzalp records *My Name Is Jonas *Through Love Rec *krimskramz*Pundonor Records *Rubaiyat Records* time as a color.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Next Show : Coma Regalia (USA), CADY (UK), Kometa (AT), Small Hours (AT) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show : Coma Regalia (Usa punx) First european tour / Middle-Man Records CADY (UK punx) Second time in Vienna Kometa (Vienna punx) No Expectation Records Small Hours (Vienna/Wiener Neustadt punx)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

HC4L020 Gattaca/Rosa Parks - Split EP 7"

Gattaca /Rosa Parks Split EP 7" (2017)

New split from two very active "female fronted" czech crust / hardcore / punk bands with a strong DIY background and political message.

Gattaca is Lada, Dan, Hanka, Honza and Blum
Rosaa Parks is Blanka, Ježek, Winyl and Dan

Cover by Nejc Sedeminosemdeset
Covers printed by Riso Paradiso

Monday, February 13, 2017

HC4L015 Hiding - "Goofy" tape

Now something a little bit different, I dont listen often this kind of music but this simply deserves to be released. When I first time listened tracks, I immediately fell in love, two Punx from Berlin have a dream pop acoustic project recorded live in nature (you can hear birds in the background). 

Released on the tape, if you're interested, please feel free to send me a Mssg.

Also, here is review of their EP on German.

" What the hell is Goofy? – Hinsichtlich der bekannten Disneyfigur (f.k.a. Dippy Dawg), wurde diese Frage schon ausführlichst in Stephen Kings Stand By Me diskutiert, ohne jedoch ein zufriedenstellendes Ergebnis zu Tage zu fördern. Will man jedoch klären was es mit Goofy, der ersten EP des frischen Berliner Projekts Hiding auf sich hat, ist die Frage weitaus schneller beantwortet: Acoustic Emo der beruhigenden Sorte! Oder auch soundtrack to your escapism, wie das Duo seine Musik selbst beschreibt.
Die wurde innerhalb weniger Tage (z.T. im Freien) aufgenommen und im Berliner Ohne Sorge Tonstudio in die jetzige Form gegossen. Der Songwritingprozess hingegen reifte meines Wissens nach etwa drei Jahre im Stillen und verschlang unterschiedlichste Personenkonstellationen. Wahrnehmbar ist dieser verhältnismäßig lange Reifeprozess der vier Stücke allenfalls in der Qualität, ansonsten dominiert harmonische Unbeschwertheit. Verkopftheit bleibt draussen, gibt dem Bauchgefühl Raum und lässt wunderschöne Songs wie Blurry oder den überragenden Titelsong entstehen:
Nichts weiter als Gitarre, Stimme, Vogelzwitschern und der Hall des tropfenden Morgentaus wird benötigt um dem Ohr die schläfrig hippieske Atmosphäre eines Ausflugs auf die Waldlichtung vorzugaukeln. Weniger ist hier mehr. Weiß man, dass die beiden Protagonisten eigentlich in der Rivals in Friends (die ebenfalls vor kurzem mit Wildflower Blueprint ein hörenswertes erstes Album veröffentlicht haben) tätig sind, verwundert die musikalische Ausrichtung von Hiding womöglich, erklärt dafür aber auch den vermehrten Einsatz von Emo-Vocals. Die fügen sich übrigens nicht nur wunderbar in den Gesamtkontext ein, sondern runden diese organische, charmante und leicht diffuse EP mit dem nötigen Schuss Orginalität ab. Gelungene Sache! Da lacht der Herzschmerz " by : Der Daniel ist Cool

Recorded, mixed and mastered by
Steve Frenzel (

Monday, January 9, 2017

HC4L014 Nailed In - "S/T" EP 7"

My former band, where i played bass guitar before I moved to Vienna. Finally their S/T 7" EP came out on HC4LZS. It is a fast aggressive hardcore punk hammered with the critical lyrics against religion, state and society. Straight outta Zagreb.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Next Show : Кальк (GER), Old Time Gospel Hour (AT), Jodok (AT) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show:

Political emoviolence with synth from Kiel,
Loud and nervous screamo interrupted with psychedelic synth, In the absence of screamo bands with female singers, really refreshing, Anna in her lyrics covering political issues, grrrl situation at the scene, and the threat of fascism, homophobia, transphobia and other nonsense of civilization.
Members also played in Chuck Bass.

Old Time Gospel Hour
Three piece band from Vienna. Black Metal with some great melodies. 4 Track
Demo - EP is released in the course of August 2016.
Their second show.

Jodok Post Punk, Screamo from Vienna.