Friday, June 11, 2021

HC4L058 Oaken - Untitled LP 12" (2021)

Finally the new Oaken´s album. Band from Budapest recorded this one after almost 5 years and the great King Beast 12" on Alerta Antifascista Records, the new one comes with two songs. Even more blastbeats, doom and death metal packed into hardcore punk attitude. The energy of Catharsis, the mystique of Fall of Efrafa the speed of the Alpinist and with great lyrics from both songs all accompanied by a synth.
First song 'Thrust' was loosely inspired by the case of a serial killer named Ahmad Suradji and second one 'Barbarian' was inspired by Emiliyan Stanev's novel Antichrist.

Definitely their best and most mature release and one of the most original European hardcore / punk records this year.

Black & gold Vinyl limited to 100 with fancy lyrics sheet.

Recorded in SuperSize Recording 2018
Cover art by Adrián Majoros

co - released w/ Dingleberry records and distribution ILL WILL records, 9 LIES , Tortured Tree Productions, Itai Itai records

Pay as you wish.