Wednesday, December 7, 2016

HC4L006 Wolfenstein - "Staedter" LP 12"

Turquoise viny, limited to 100 copies.
Black viny, limited to 300 copies.
Heavy cardboard sleeve, printed inside out.

Comes with download code and liner notes.

Co-Released by :

Backbite Records
Tiefkühl Powerviolence


Next Show : Time To Heal (SWE), Wounds of Castrated Dicks (AT) @ Venster99

Hardcore For The Losers show :

Time to Heal (Stockholm Straight Edge X Sweden)

I watched them this year at Fluff Fest and immediately liked.
Finally Youth Crew Hardcore with grrrl on vocals (Sofia will blown up your mind with agressive and in your face approach). Members still playing in No Omega, Careless....

Don't expect anyone to fix things for you 
I don't think you thought it through 
This is direct action, this is DIY 
This is what it looks like, taking control 

Wounds of Castrated Dicks (Vienna)
Feminist chaos, Misandry Punx, Powerful Madness, Straight Outta Vienna