Friday, September 7, 2018

Next Show : Wall Breaker (USA), Pasty Clan (Linz), Enuff Talk (Vienna) @ Venster99

11.10.18 Hardcore For The Losers show :

WALL BREAKER (a new straight edge hardcore punk band from New Jersey, USA with members from Coke Bust, WarXGames, Bloodtype, Glory Fades and Chainsaw To The Face. Heavily influenced by bands like SSD and Life's Blood, but played with the speed of some of the early 00's era thrash bands like Tear It Up and WHN. This is Trump era hardcore. Released on cassette by Bleeding Edges Label and Absolute Contempt Records. Their brand new "Democracy Dies" 12" on Refuse Records will be available on tour)

Pasty Clan (Hardcore/Punk from Linz are back at it with their fifth release and first album in „Wir Ihr Sie“ (released on Hardcore For The Losers, HC4L028 Pasty Clan - Wir Ihr Sie LP 12".) Though the band may appear to (and do) have an attitude of fun with the presentation of the release (there is something of The Melvins in the self depreciation and tongue in cheek nods to the genre on the album cover) this is a ruse, these songs despite their simplicity of presentation are meticulous in the care that has been put into their construction.

Enuff Talk (old school thrashy hardcore / punk.from Vienna)