Sunday, August 23, 2020

HC4L056 Metamorphosis - S/T EP 7" (2020)

Metamorphosis is a immigrant post-hardcore/punk band formed in Lima, Peru, now in California, USA. The band consisted of vocalist Garzo, bassist Paul, guitarist Renzo, drummer Alex, and guitarist Gonzalo. The bands roots reach back in 1996, when they began writing and performing around Lima, having good acceptance in the underground scene of this city. In 1997 the band shared scenary with bands like Asmereir, Wreck, Futuro Incierto, Decisión Final, Psicosis, Katarsis, and so on.. They stopped playing for six years. Metamorphosis also shared scenary with MXPX in 2006. However, they decided to no longer continue Metamorphosis in 2007, having their last performance in May 12. They recorded 3 albums:, Solo en Mi (2004), Metamorphosis (2007). Garzo has a musical project called Plug-Plug.
In 2011, they have a reunion show. This year, they have a 4-days tour playing 3 times at Lima and once at Trujillo.
Nowadays they are more active than ever and come with a super new 7 "
Mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at “The Atomic Garden” - Oakland, California (USA).
Choruses in "Don't know, don't think" and "Are we all the same?" by Mark Reategui, Gohan Garcia, and Renzo Gianella.
Cover art by Andrei Bouzikov.
Layout by Mark Reategui.
Co-Released w/ Cuaderno Roto (Perú). Audio Slam (Chile). Mala Idea (Chile). Los Pájaros Records (Argentina).
Futuro Análogo (Argentina). Sin Fronteras Discos (Colombia).
Collector's Series DIY (España). Entes Anomicos (Alemania).
Dub El Duce (USA).
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HC4L034 To Languish - Sawn LP 12" (2020)

Words from Missed Out Records :  " When I was contacted by Jonna and Cauli and heard their music/message I knew I wanted to help. They messaged me saying "we are two transgirls from Sweden and France that are making important music about the struggles to be able to thrive in this world as transgender/lgbtqia+" and proceeded to show me their band To Languish and their new album Sown. It's an extremely powerful and important record and I wanted to be involved. We agreed on a limited edition cassette pressing and that all proceeds would go to No More Dysphoria
We’re a queer-run 501(c)3 non profit with the goal of helping trans + non-binary individuals financially through major aspects of their transitions. We aim to help in any way possible, whether it be donating a binder or helping fund Hormone Replacement Therapy (along with anything and everything in between).
The world needs more compassion, love, acceptance and inclusion. Music is a fantastic way to help spread such messages and make an impact on this fucked up world. Thanks for listening and know that your donation will be put to good use ❤ "

To Languish is Jonna Wiberg and Cauli Honoré
Music written and performed by To Languish

Artwork by Autojektor

Engineered, recorded, mixed & mastered by Fabian Schulz at Sunsetter Recording Studio. Bremen, Germany.

Vocals recorded by Jim Nurminen at studio blue. Stockholm, Sweden.
Additional guest vocals
Track 1 - Red Aldrige from Petrol girls.
Track 3 - Yasmin Lauren from Kodos
Track 9 - Elsa Lezzzagon from Drei affen/Osoluna

Released by Pundonor records, Dingleberry records, TraceInMaze Records, Middle-Man Records, Á fond d'cale, Listen to Aylin Records, Hardcore For The Losers, Longrail records.

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