Thursday, March 25, 2021

HC4L061 Nailed In - Shovel LP 12" (2021)

Finally good news, due to the C-19 things slowed down a bit but now it is official that the first 12" NAILED IN will come out and that´s their second release on Hardcore For The Losers. My former band continues with a proven formula, a Boston school that will remind you like listening to Out Cold / Psycho Split 7" from 93 or like the newer No Tolerance. Energy and aggression can be heard every second, for all fans of Devoid of Faith or Voorhees this will be the right choice. Definitely a good sequel to the discography and they continue with aggressive hardcore punk hammered with the critical lyrics against religion, state and society. Straight outta Zagreb.

Details and a date around the release will be announced soon, but it is expected in May.

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