Thursday, March 7, 2024

HC4L054 XDistanteX - Cada Acción Cuenta EP 7" (2024)


The new Hardcore For The Losers release : XdistanteX - Cada Acción Cuenta , is out. All money from the purchase of this release will go directly to the account of one of the most important independent autonomous music venues in Europe - Venster99.

Paypal is here :

(pay as much as you want and the Records will be sent every Monday.)

A few words about the release .

"The music underground is global. DISTANTE shows that it also lives in Argentina. "Cada Acci​ó​n Cuenta" (English : "Every action counts") is the second EP of the band from Buenos Aires. The six songs contained in it are sung in Spanish. Or better: shouted at. Because the singer sends positive messages to the world with unmistakable fury.

The lyrics talk, among other things: about raising a voice for those who don't have one ("Es Por Ellos"), or celebrating subculture as a space for creative development ("Tiempo de Unidad"). One of the most important messages remains in the spirit of the Youth Crew idea: the key to change can always be found within oneself (“La Llave”). Hardcore, here punctuated by punk-style melodic additions, again has a constructive note. The fact that half a dozen songs consistently hit the mark in under two minutes keeps the energy level consistently high - and makes "Cada Acci​ón​n Cuenta" a feast for DIY and Posicore students alike. "

500 records, different colours with lyric sheet.

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