Monday, April 1, 2024

NEW LOCATION : Next Show : Viva Belgrado (ES), Yarostan (FR), ARGON (Vienna) @ DAS Lot

10.04.2024 ACHTUNG ACHTUNG. New Location @ DAS Lot
Hardcore For The Losers show :
We bring skramz at Das Lot big way. I'm happy to have released 2 bands from this lineup and luckily it coincided that Yarostan and Viva Belgrado need the same date for Vienna.
♧ VIVA BELGRADO (Córdoba, Andalusia) "Viva Belgrado are a four-piece screamo/post-hardcore/post-rock band from Córdoba, Spain that began in 2012. Sonically, they play heavily into their post-rock influences, with melodic, delayed guitars slathered in reverb and tons of tremolo picking. In quieter moments, they also incorporate some spoken word. When the songs build up, they hit their screamo peaks, with throat-searing vocals and powerful instrumentals. They slightly eschew their screamo roots for a cleaner sound, with a mix of singing and sing-speaking taken the forefront. There's some clear La Dispute influence here, especially with the vocal flows and post-hardcore instrumental leanings. This band crafts some absolutely beautiful songs, and are a prime example of how emotion can transcend language." by : sophiesfloorboard
◇ YAROSTAN (Marseille, France) "The name Yarostan comes from the epistolary novel Letters of Insurgents, published in 1976 as a collective work of Fredy and Lorraine Perlman. In this beautiful and revolutionary inspiring collection, Yarostan Vochek and Sophia Nachalo are one-time lovers in an unnamed Eastern Bloc country who later find themselves on opposite sides of the Iron Curtain. Sharing anarchist ideals and lives in revolt, they start corresponding in pursuit of an insurgent path to liberation. [The band] Yarostan’s lyrics in French conceptualize on Perlman’s and other XX century to modern day anti-authoritarian philosophical leanings, creating a passionate, diverse and dynamic post-hardcore record with a deeply meaningful message. The five perplexing and long-winded pieces build, release and explode with a dazzling amalgamation of calming melody and chaos, as it works well for the genre.Today, screamo and post-hardcore acts with a heavy or underlying emphasis on post-rock elements are favored by many music publications going in lengths about each individual track on their records and how they relate to snobby genre standards. In the case of an obscure and outspokenly political band like Yarostan, it is rather unlikely to be featured in any bigger media, but this particular style of music is the perfect emotional response applicable to their passionate poetry and influences. " by : diyconspiracy
♡ ARGON (Vienna, Luxembourg) Under the band name ‘Argon’, Dave, Jeremi and Sam have been working on an individualised hardcore, screamo style, mingled with elements of post-rock, ambient and experimental sounds inspired by the beauty of nature and folklore

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