Sunday, April 28, 2024

Next Show : Sukob (CRO), Koridor (CRO), Rolltreppe (Vienna) @ Einbaumöbel

15.05.2024 Hardcore For The Losers show : SUKOB (Hardcore > Punk > Zagreb)
Musically we could place them somewhere along the spectrum of early sharp & punishing Pig Champion's rapid fire riffage and fist-pumping Scandinavian hardcore with hints of Celtic Frost-ish midtempo drives.
KORIDOR (Post Punk > Zagreb)
Hypnotic and repetitive feedback driven post-punk influenced by the 80s ex-Yu punk scene.
ROLLTREPPE ~ RELEASE SHOW ~ (Post Punk > Vienna)
Decidedly a punk band, with a raw, shambolic energy in step with any number of German-language, femme-centered DIY classics from a time well before now—GLUEAMS, HANS-A-PLAST, A-GEN 53 etc.

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