Thursday, May 16, 2024

Next Show : Obstruktion (SWE), Tired. (Graz) @ Loop

05.06.2024 Hardcore For The Losers show : 
Gothenburg, the capital of Swedish hardcore, brings results again. Old friends, who visited us in Vienna with bands such as Anchor, Waste, Gust, Disavow and The Hammer. This time they bring along metallic hardcore reminiscent of bands like Harms Way, Earth Crisis and Obituary. Their 12` LP was released by Berlin's Isolation Records.
It's their first time in Vienna, so it's time to mosh.

Worn down by the pressures of modern society and navigating the complexities of human values, TIRED. was forged in 2023. Comprising musicians with roots ranging from black metal to stoner rock, our debut album, "The Cost Of Holding On," is out now via Grazil Records.

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