Thursday, June 6, 2024

Next Show : Judy And The Jerks (US), Shitty Life (IT), Spiritual Law (Linz) @ Rhiz

Hardcore For The Losers with some spicy summer HC vibes.
Save the date, June19, 2024 @ Rhiz
JUDY AND THE JERKS (Mississipi, US - Thrilling Living Records, Refuse Records)
Furious bratty hardcore for true punks.
Fun, energetic punk fucking rock that brings to mind BLATZ and MR. CLIT AND THE PINK CIGARETTES @maxrnr
They write catchy songs that have the skinny sonics of both new wave and 80s hardcore
This band has been given the tagline of “food fight music,” but they have always been more than that one-line description of chaos. Judy and the Jerks are a reminder that punk does not need to be tough or built on upping someone else @post_trash_
SHITTY LIFE (Parma, Italy - 11 PM Records)
"Full of energy, histrionic high-pitched guitars, and consonant screaming vocals very much singing along with the band’s overall rhythm. Reverb and tone changes are on-point, with a good non-stop drumming. Tune your chitarrino for this one." @maxrnr
SPRITUAL LAW (Linz - STTW Records)
Midtempo mosh, d-beat and definitely hardcore for the punxxx. Delivering rage from Germany/Austria.

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